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The scallop war heats up


Katz r de best.


Just don't name your cat Boodles, or worse, Isabell. And no dressing the poor animals up.
And that totally weird behavior you engage in when you think a cat might let you pet it? You should really be able to see yourselves.


Do people seriously think that Google is not also scanning your emails to archive and sell to advertisers?Literally everyone is doing that. They keep and sell your photos too, as well as those you send "privately."

Second, cats are boring and lame, but I don't think it is considered "uncool" to like them, especially online.


“They keep and sell your photos too, as well as those you send "privately."”

Hahaha. No. No they don’t. Hahaha.

Who is “buying” these photos I email? 25 Crank points if you say the NSA.

They are archiving your emails. And thus archiving your photos. For a while. But “selling” them? Outline for us this illicit photo market and how it works, please.


Don't you think we'd have been worried about Jap subs in the Puget Sound and not German subs?


SPD cops are getting a massive raise for being honest? What a low fucking bar.


“In exchange, aside from the raise, a policy where [police] officers can be fired for dishonesty was done away with.”

Oh, goody. Any policy which requires The Truth from those with legally-mandated control over the Lives (or Deaths) of the Citizenry is certainly policy to be bargained away with.

How much money did the tossing away of Truth save us?


love to be a fly on the wall at the arrest of Mr Chain.
Watch Mr tough-guy get all blubbery and apologetic and treat himself to some richly deserved self-contempt.


Don't worry Robert Chain, I'm sure a presidential pardon is on its way.


Oh, and what's this brou-haha over a trumpfytweet to The Boston Globe*? He isn't gonna lose any of his sanity-challenged Base over this -- why is it even 'Newsworthy'?

*"ENEMY of the People!" *(b)

*(b) actual Trumpfyquote!


@9: I'm pretty sure Nathalie got that wrong. The Times article states that "the high legal standard of 'clear and convincing evidence' needed to fire an officer for dishonesty would be removed." I assume it will now be easier to fire a cop for lying.


"Who is 'buying' these photos I email? 25 Crank points if you say the NSA." --Doc Z

They don't gotta "buy" your emails. Or phone calls.
Like any good authoritarian regime, the NSA simply TAKES them.

And if you don't believe these multinational Corps
are having their way with your "private" communications,
you're even more naive than I.


@5: While I am sure there are no examples of a social media site using private information to make money, this weird little line is in Instagram's terms of service:

‘You agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos ... in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you."

Facebook owns instagram, but it probably means nothing.

Anyway, here is an article about how Twitter is selling the rights to tweets and photos to data miners:

Here is a quote from a VP of Facebook Bradley Horowitz about using user submitted photos to create value:

"The information gleaned from analyzing these photos does not travel outside of this product — not today."

Oh, well, I am sure that ominous "not today" means nothing.

But on a more serious note, they don't sell individual images to individuals, you unimaginative rube They sell the rights to companies, data miners, and ad firms.


The usual question: does any information from the email get transmitted to advertisers, or does Yahoo hold onto the information and use it to place ads?


So, apparently the key to teachers getting a raise is for them to start killing people because they feel "threatened". Then they can get a raise when they agree to be held accountable.


The passport thing is really fucking disturbing. More people should be outraged about this.

It also appears trans folks are being denied passports, based upon the gender they were assigned on birth certificates. Somebody from the Stranger (not Katie Herzog) should get in touch with Danni Askini. This story has legs.

Also: Gmail is from the 20th century. Remember the beta furor, fellow old farts?


Denying CITIZENS passports based on ethnicity is something the NAZIS in Germany did. ARE WE REALLY GOING TO STAND BY AND ALLOW THIS ADMINISTRATION TO GET AWAY WITH THIS? THIS IS NOT OKAY, NOT FUCKING OKAY IN ANY WAY AT ALL!!!! Call everyone you can in the government to complain about this practice. NOW.


I use yahoo as my throwaway email, the one I don't mind giving to anyone if I expect them to spam me. And yet, I get less spam on yahoo than I ever got on hotmail (which I stopped using due to the spam) or on my "friends and family only" email. I'm amazed at how awesome my yahoo mail is. I don't use it for news or any other yahoo crap, just for mail. I have adblocker, so I don't even see ads on there. It's just perfect for me.


Gives the phrase "off the chain" a whole nother meaning


@15 - You have to be absolutely ripped from constantly moving goalposts.

@4 - statement about email --> @5 statement about email --> @15 rebuttal about Instagram, Facebook, etc while calling @5 a rube...

Keep up that workout routine!


Oh yay, a thread where the edgelords talk about how "cool and hip" gmail is compared to all the other identical email services.

gmail, yahoo, hotmail: Here's an inside tip... they're all the same. None of them are "cool" or "dorky" any more than FedEx or UPS is cool or dorky. It's mail, not a rock band. Mail is just mail.

Also, yes, gmail (and yahoo and hotmail and every major social media site out there) sells your information to data miners and market research firms. How do I know? I was a data scientist for a market research firm and I signed invoices paying the owning corporations of those services for data from their customers/subscribers/users. It's mostly aggregated data, but I could still look up people by name and state and find out if they were registered with a political party, how long they owned their home, if they had a drivers license or not, etc. Trust me, your info is already out there.



It's not that impressive if you take into account not having to carry the burden of having integrity.


Yeah, that paid parental leave thing for MSFT perma-temps is nice, but you know what would be better? Not being an underpaid, undervalued perma-temp. Having some stability and enough income to actually get by would actually allow people to afford children. But, you know, gold star for this self-congratulatory PR stunt.


@21, You're right! Gmail beta started in 2004.

Oops. I should have checked myself. Apologies to Nathalie.


Bon chance on the move. Sounds like the close of a fine chapter.


@24: If you read competently, you will see that in my comment I remark that "literally everyone is doing it."

This means that the practice is not confined to Google or email, but just about anywhere you give up personal data and photos. Are you really old, or do you just think that internet communication still happens primarily with email?

You'll get there someday. Just take it slow.


That Washington Post story sure turns 'innocent until proven guilty' on its head. Also of note, this isn't a new Trump policy. This has been going on for multiple administrations. Trump had just pushed it farther than others, once again. But for all those who say, 'this isn't what America is.' You're wrong. This is exactly who we are and have been. Time to wake up. The problem isn't Trump. The problem is America.



Yeah, typical response. Rather than acknowledge a truth so glaringly obvious to anyone with eyes and a modicum of awareness of our history and culture, just deflect by trotting out the good ole' "'Murka: Love It (unconditionally and unquestioningly) or Leave It" slogan. Because in this country, we don't fix our myriad problems involving systemic inequality, particularly those that might even slightly diminish the natural, God-given paradigm of White Supremacy, we just pretend they're fixed, or that they never existed in the first place.


@32 And you turn 'freedom of speech' on its head.


“@31 If that’s how you really feel [like not sucking Prez / far right dick] why don’t you go live in Communist Russia or something.”

“Yeah, because we REAL Americans are A-Hokay with the strip-mining of America (and Americans, too!).

So, either STFU of GTFO.”

My, Gawd – how fucking PATRIOTIC, Ken Mailman.
Way to MAGA.


@37 Correction:
So, either STFU
(and bend the fuck over)
[you can even get to Liking it]
OR just GTFO.”

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