Hey whats going on over there?
Hey what's going on over there? GETTY IMAGES

NIMBYs get their way, tiny house village closes: You know who you are, Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) types. Licton Springs is a tiny house village in North Seattle along Aurora Avenue. It offers low-barrier housing for homeless people. Naturally, nearby residents complained about how Licton Springs’ existence raised crime levels. The village was funded for two years. At the end of that stint, officials would determine whether to renew funding. There’s no question about it now—Licton Springs will be closing for good in Jan. 2019. Its residents will be relocated. NIMBYs rejoice.

The Northwest Detention Center can’t expand: The Tacoma immigrant detention center wanted to add 1,500 beds. The city said no. The detention center said see you in court. They saw each other in court. Or, well, in an appeal to the state's Growth Management Hearings Board. The board said fuck you to the detention center and upheld Tacoma’s power to forbid expansion. There’s a lawsuit that’s still pending in federal court.

The people are really getting a kick out of this seal bitch-slapping a kayaker with a squid:

THANK GOD Sir Elton John is going to hit the Tacoma Dome on his farewell tour: This is not what I would call news. It’s what KING5 has on their front page. So long, Sir Elton. Thank you for bidding Tacoma adieu.

A capitol building in Olympia was evacuated because of a bomb threat: Pretty much all the information we have is in this tweet. Updates from Heidi Groover (at the Seattle Times) here.

Boeing saves big, cuts 6,000 jobs: According to the Seattle Times, Boeing saved $227 million in 2017 because of aerospace industry-tax incentives. They cut over 6,000 jobs. That’s not as much as in 2016 when they cut 7,500. Honestly, there are a lot of facts and figures and minutiae that I can’t parse through so just read this.

Look at all these nuts: Listen. This was from three days ago. I don’t know the rules for Slog PM yet. Technically, there aren’t really any because I’m making this up as I go. So for now you get to see this three-day-old video of an antenna that a squirrel was using as a secret nut storage facility.

Amazon, our favorite local bookseller, turns to selling other things: Brick and mortar stores are all the rage in this day and age. Amazon, our small local treasure, is getting in on the game. It’s taking its top-rated items (four stars, to be exact) to a new (In Real Life) store called Amazon 4-star. Amazon is all about being unplugged in 2018.

UW’s new computer science building is swanky: My friend Dom worked on this building for her internship with Mortenson Construction before senior year at UW. This is not an ad, I’m just excited because I love my friend Dom and this building is pretty sexy. I’m a little sad because I am no longer at UW and never was in computer science. The new computer science kids can enjoy a cup of coffee at the Microsoft Cafe or hang out in the Zillow Commons. The building is neat and it was funded by tech for tech’s future.

Holy flash flood:

LAX says it’s okay to fly with weed: It’s legal under California’s Proposition 64. Well, good. I sure haven’t flown out of there ever before this news with marijuana. I definitely wasn’t worried over the holidays when there was a bomb dog sniffing my bag and I definitely didn’t have weed tucked in my backpack among my pencils. LAX says passengers are allowed “28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana for personal consumption.” Full disclosure, I don’t know how timely this is but I hadn’t heard of it until today.

The Mexican military has taken control of Acapulco’s entire police force: The military alleges that the department in this resort town in Mexico has been infiltrated by drug gangs. Currently, two police commanders are accused of murder and the rest of the officers have been removed. They’re going to undergo background checks.

Colorado teens break into pot shop, only get oregano: The shop doesn’t put real marijuana in their cases. These kids didn’t know that.

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