It’d be irresponsible not to wildly speculate on the blackmail that it took to get a ruthless, shameless sociopath like Nick Ayers to tuck tail and run off to Georgia “to spend more time with his family,” ha ha.

So, cannabalism?


"Maybe what people are yearning for isn’t to bid on a house but to bid on whatever the best policy solution is for adding the most affordable living options possible to the city"

OK, that's officially the funniest and stupidest sh*t on Slog in a long in a long time, and that's a pretty low standard already. With great minds like this no wonder you can't afford a home to call your own.


@4 it’s as if you somehow lost your sense of humor halfway through your critique!


"Single family houses aren't a thing anymore."

Yes, in just under six months, everyone suddenly turned agains a nice single family home in Seattle and wants a rabbit hutch! It's a fu*king miraculous political and cultural swing! In just 6 months! Urbanists have single handily shifted culture and are driving home values down!

Well, until they inevitably start going up again after this adjustment.

Then, well, um, errrr, ahh....


@ 3,

Because no sane or competent person would want to be Prezinazi AntiChrist’s POS COS. They’d be humiliated and disgrace the nation.

Also re: Ayers. Apparently he’s “amassed a fortune of between $12 million and $54 million” by age 36 thanks to his ties to dark money groups (cough, money laundering, cough), so it’s a safe bet that he sure as hell didn’t want reporters digging into where all those millions came from.


Has Jenny Durkan taken a stand on anything? Bike lanes, street cars, waterfront, whatever. Just put it off until next year.


@4 @6 Wow, it's almost like owning a single family home also destroys any ability to identify sarcasm. Also, it surprises me that someone who censors their own cussing in an anonymous comments reads SLOG. We welcome your naked curse words here my friend - don't be afraid. This is a God-free zone.


Re King County studying gun violence from a public health angle for “the first time”: Welcome to the last century! This excellent idea has been kicking around for many years. Why is KC is only now looking into it? (Better late than never of course.) Almost 30 years ago Dr. Deborah Prothrow Stith, a public health scholar/practitioner, published “Deadly Consequences: How Violence Is Destroying Our Teenage Population and a Plan to Begin Solving the Problem.” This book was one of “the first to present violence from a public health perspective to a mass audience.”


The crazy increases in house prices had to hit a ceiling at some point and we're finally there. There's only so many people making the kind of money in this town to afford the million dollar homes. If you had a nice 3 bed/2 bath in a decent walkable neighborhood selling for under $300,000 you'd have an epic bidding war today. That same house for $1.3mil? Those buyers have already bought. (BTW, that's actually pretty close to the difference in price I've seen in my neighborhood from 2000 to today.)
The story even mentions the other three factors in effect now; less Chinese investment, fewer rent increases, and higher interest rates.
Our markets still hot, it's just not crazy hot surface of the sun hot.


The house market was buzzing at an artificial high which has naturally calmed itself closer to 'Seattle Normal'.
I've had a stake in that market for over 15 years; this is is just another smelly fart for people to comment on.


Gridlock when the viaduct comes down,
Gridlock when the NHL comes to town,
Gridlock, gridlock, it makes me frown,
We got nothing but gridlock all around this town.


When can we expect Charles to provide his analysis of the recent declines in our residential real estate market?

In light of the fact he's stated that supply and demand is not a factor in that market, I am curious how he explains the obvious correlation between available inventory and sales price (see, e.g., the Case-Shiller index for the past 6 months).


I love my single family home with its 4 acres.


"one of the nine men arrested after the attack “is associated with some of the nation’s ‘oldest and most violent racist groups.’”....
He is a member of the Democratic Party?


Anyone want to place bets that @17 has already abandoned their sock puppet account?


So far 2 people have said no to Chief of Staff. Huh. Can't imagine why. That first guy (Pence's guy) is going to run a pro-Trump PAC when he's not spending time with his family. Probably so he can eembezzle freely from it and never have to come face to face with Trump himself.

At this point anyone agreeing to work for Trump willingly and without reservation deserves exactly what they will get (which is getting humiliated and fired or if they're really lucky, time in prison).


In Trump’s defense, the actual best deal maker in the world probably couldn’t convince anybody to be his chief of staff.


@15, Remember in Econ101 when they'd show those graphs of demand dropping off when a price goes too high? Yeah, it's totally that simple...except when you then have to figure in Chinese government locking down foreign investment, interest rates, market saturation, and all the other factors that are involved in the real world when you stop measuring everything as a widget. There is some simple supply and demand, but our market has also had more complicated influences on it as well.
And in Charles defense, (I can't believe I actually just wrote that) he has argued that the parking of foreign investment capital had a part to play in our inflated prices, which now that it's been artificially shut out is showing just how much of an impact it was.


Why is it that in all of the Roger the kangaroo pics and videos he is either shot from the waist up or his crotch is covered with a piece of cloth or an otherwise very suggestive pink teddy bear?
The public has the right to know!


How much?


And you're sidestepping the question;
Are you aware of any group in American history with a more violently racist history than the Democratic Party?
Even one?


@25- this disingenuous argument stopped being meaningful in the early New Deal era. It was also the case that the Republican party of old was the party of environmentalism, expansive federal authority and interventionist policies.


It is not an argument, just a historical fact.


@27: Well sure - if you ignore roughly the past 80 years or so of history...


"As the DJ said, 'What, they couldn’t wait a minute and a half, two minutes? That’s all they had to wait to get to their music? For that, they beat my ass, and called me a (N-word)?'”

Well, you gotta Understand, these people are emotionally-stunted and proud (of having been born to white folk!)(AND, born right Here!) to a fault. They haven't the patience Gawd gave a tsetse fly and answer only to the most-warlike of emotions.

Empathy, compassion, respecting others' Rights and giving a fuck about any other life form that isn't a nearly-exact carbon copy of theirselfs just ain't IN 'em. I spose we should feel Sorry for them, as they beat the holy shit out of anyone who disagrees with / looks sideways at them....

They've got a LOT on their plates!
America will soon not be Mostly WHITE!
(What if they get treated just like they treat others?!)
Can ya not see why they're so scared?


@29 Gold...


@30 You're comments are simplistic and pedantic without anything to actually back up their folksey, lazy simplicity.

The Democratic party is the only party that will go to bat for issues like corrupt police, branches of the military infested with dogmatic, religious little tyrants, and degradation to the environment. The Republicans have not shown any interest in anyone protesting that the Big Cat down the way is exploiting them or legislating against them to their disadvantage.

Claiming that the Democrats are sooooo racist in 2018 is just disingenuous and not remotely respectable of an opinion. You just come across as someone who believes everything they hear on Fox, Breitbart, etc...


Dj'ing in Lynwood, fuckin'... yikes.

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