Maybe well all just outrun the earthquakes the tunnel cant withstand.
Maybe we'll all just outrun the earthquakes the tunnel can't withstand. jordieasy/Getty Images

The kids are all tired: In 2017, the high-school start times in Seattle were pushed back to let the teenagers get an extra hour of sleep. A new study shows what any common sense person would assume—the kids got more sleep. The Seattle Times reports that the study also shows evidence that the increased sleep is improving grades and attendance. Will we retroactively give those countless hours of sleep back to Seattle high-school students of yore?

Gay City expands: Capitol Hill Blog has the scoop on Gay City’s newly-opened library and resource center on E. Pike. It’s always great news to see Gay City expanding. The shared space between Kaladi Brothers Coffee and Gay City (when Kaladi opened in 2006) was one of my favorite places to get coffee and work on homework in high school.

Well, we should fucking hope so: KING5 reports that Seattle’s big-ass, expensive Highway 99 tunnel was “designed to withstand major earthquakes.” You don’t say? Wasn’t that sort of the big reason for the whole redesign? Except, then they go on to write, “Officials say Seattle’s new State Route 99 tunnel isn’t earthquake-proof.” Oh. Well. Hmm. I suppose a tunnel that can withstand MOST earthquakes is still better than a tunnel that can withstand NO earthquakes.

Man killed by car: A man, who police say was jaywalking, was struck and killed in Interbay last night according to KOMO News. They report that “Investigators believe the man was homeless and was not crossing the street in a crosswalk.”

TrumpWatch; it never gets better: It’s important to every now and then remember that whether or not Trump actually believes the things he says, if they are popular enough with his base, they become a lifestyle choice.

This quote from the former Republican staff director of the Senate Budget Committee says it all, “Boy, this is a stretch.” Gotta warm up them glutes before you lunge! He continued to point out that:

At the end of the day, the American taxpayer is still paying for it, because where are the revenues coming from? They are not coming from Mexican taxpayers.

And the Trump administration is apparently the wool-puller for Wells Fargo: Politico was able to dig up a report that they say had been concealed by the Trump administration for months, showing that “Wells Fargo charged college students fees that were on average several times higher than some of its competitors.” Wells Fargo is, as the article also states, “the second-largest provider of campus accounts.” The New York Times published an article earlier this year where they asked the question, “Has Wells Fargo been punished enough?” Their conclusion was yes, they had.

Got us again, WSDOT: You broke our code.

Credit where credit is due: Yeah, yeah, we're plugging the Times, boo hoo. With a headline like this, though.

Colorado just cannot keep up with us: They tried to get on the PNW hop-growing level, but just couldn't do it. Colorado is a great beer state for sure, but when it comes to hops, we've got what you need! The colored-red state was really hoping that they could burgeon into the hop market, but it just hasn't quite worked out the way farmers were hoping. It's okay, friends to the South, we will continue to share our bountiful greens, so long as there is no question that Washington is the best state in the country for beer (disagree? Tell me why).

Soooo prettttyyyyy: Boats? Lights? Boats with lights? This Friday “Christmas ships” will be coasting through the Fremont cut, after making the rounds through Lake Union, for our visual enjoyment. Sounds like a great activity to do before a wild Friday night. Maybe get a lil’ high, go watch some Christmas boats, then head off into the evening! Read more about it here.

Have a Happy Thursday!: To you and yours, from this adorable creature.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A stand-up show with the Daily Show’s UK correspondent, Gina Yashere, a talk on everything you've ever wanted to know about Scandinavian trolls with Lotta Gavel-Adams, and a chance to see the Olympic Sculpture Park all lit up at SAM Lights.