The investigation started a year ago.
The investigation started a year ago. Vichai Phububphapan/Getty Images

Sound Transit CEO is getting a $16,000 bonus! How is this even news? Isn’t everyone getting $16,000 bonuses this year? Wait, you’re telling me we’re not all getting $16,000 bonuses? Well, Sound Transit is at least doling one out! They've unanimously decided to throw 16K at Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff, who just got an 11 percent pay raise that slates him to make $364,000 next year.

Dear those who use live holly in their Christmas decorations: Please don’t spread this highly invasive plant into our ecosystem. It’s a weed. It’s a pretty weed, sure, but it is a weed.

Bellevue badminton club coach investigated for alleged misconduct: The initial investigation into the coach's alleged misconduct was launched almost a year ago, after a complaint was sent to the U.S. Center for SafeSport. At that time, reports the Seattle Times, Bellevue police "looked at the initial complaint and found no crime." Now, Bellevue police have re-opened an investigation into the coach's alleged misconduct, "after several girls and young women have come forward with stories about inappropriate massages and other behavior that made them feel uncomfortable." The coach was fired last week according to club.

Another ski resort opens today: And it’s Summit at Snoqualmie! Woohoo! This is my favorite place to ski in the rain! I haven't been snowboarding in so long that I wouldn’t mind a good ol’ cement-powder, night-boarding session through the falling sleet that I so fondly associate with Snoqualmie.

First openly transgender man to box professionally in U.S. wins debut match: Not only was Patricio Manuel the first transgender man to step into the ring professionally and compete in the U.S. but he fucking won! This is what he had to say after the fight:

I'm a black trans man. I've had people saying cruel, hateful things to me my entire life. People booing me – it's more about them than me. They don't know me. They don't know what I've been through. They don't know how much I love this sport, how happy I was in that moment. I refuse to give them power over me by feeling even angry toward it.

I like this weather prediction format because it makes it look fun: And it almost makes me forget how often they’ve been wrong lately. Oh well.

Looking for some of that sweet, sweet Obamacare? You’ve got 'til Saturday. If you’re interested but have any questions or are seeking help, this is the website for the exchange’s support center.

7-year old girl dies after taken into Border Patrol custody: According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the girl “reportedly had not eaten or consumed water for several days.” From the Washington Post, “Food and water are typically provided to migrants in Border Patrol custody, and it wasn’t immediately clear Thursday if the girl received provisions and a medical exam before the onset of seizures.”

Elysian’s Capitol Hill location will be getting a makeover: The people from Elysian Brewing reached out to me to let the world know (because that’s how far my reach is) that they will be temporarily closing the Capitol Hill location, starting December 23 for a complete remodel. They say it will reopen in Spring of 2019. In the meantime you can find beer at any one of the city’s ten million breweries.

Speaking of Elysian Long ago, when I first starting posting pictures of Gouda, someone at Elysian was so smitten with my cat that they sent me a bag with a pack of tallboys. I was too embarrassed to disclose this to you Sloggers at the time. But now I’m seeing the error in that choice. I’m telling you this because if you too want to send me cool stuff in honor of my amazing cat, I will happily accept (err, Gouda will). Just know you get nothing in return except the feeling of having slightly less cool stuff.

I’m sorry I have no words for this: Do you?

Gold Star Comment:

Gridlock when the viaduct comes down,
Gridlock when the NHL comes to town,
Gridlock, gridlock, it makes me frown,
We got nothing but gridlock all around this town.

This weekend's best Seattle entertainment options include: Julie Taymor's jaw-dropping, puppet-filled production of The Lion King, the Christmas Ship Parade of Boats, and a show with the "unofficial Hardest Working New Wave Reunion Band,™" the English Beat. Plus, watch out for SantaCon.