Someone photoshop the sugar as money. Thanks.
Someone photoshop the sugar as money. Thanks. OcusFocus/Getty Images

Budweiser is getting bud-wiser: Did that work? Yes? Great. Budweiser is teaming up with the medical cannabis company Tilray, each throwing down $50 million, to develop pot-infused, non-alcoholic drinks for Canadian consumers. Tilray is a subsidiary of Seattle-based Privateer Holdings (Leafly is also a subsidiary of Privateer Holdings).

Nothing more refreshing than a cool, sweet, soda tax: Seattle’s soda tax is doing work. Before the tax went into effect, it was estimated to bring in $15 million in the first year. They must not have accounted for how much Seattleites enjoy the pleasure of sweet, sweet sugary water, because the tax has surpassed $16 million in just the first 9 months.

EMTs set to begin strike tomorrow: Heidi Groover, reporting for the Seattle Times, says that the EMT’s “employer (American Medical Response) wants to hire out-of-state replacement workers, but is having trouble getting local officials to sign off.” To deploy out of state replacements, AMR needs to have either King County or the city of Seattle request a waiver for approval from the Department of Health. Neither is currently willing to make that request for them.

Strong winds: I’m not whining I just thought you might be interested to know you may lose power because of the weather. In fact, I personally LOVE strong winds. Nothing better than strong winds. Just want to sip mimosas and sit outside as the strong winds violently brush my hair. In fact, I may go sailing today. Just me, the ocean, the grey skies—and I’ll sail head on into the strong winds that I enjoy so much and would never whine about.

Finally getting that earthquake monitor we deserve: And by we, of course, I mean Mars. Mars is getting an earthquake monitor. It’s a good thing we’re so over-prepared for earthquakes here, where they could potentially wreak havoc on our cities, that we can start worrying about Mars (I’m being purposefully sardonic, okay? Please don’t lecture me in the comments).

Sound Transit is getting that cash: Light rail to Lynnwood? Check. The Federal Transit Administration will be doling out $1.2 billion dollars to the Puget Sound so we can get more of that delicious light rail action. According to the Seattle Times, the agreement is “the largest transit grant...awarded since President Donald Trump took office.” We’ll leave it to Lester Black to dub Lynnwood as the next “...”.

KING5 beat watch: Okay, you think our Getty image usage is odd? Try this one from KING5. What the fuck?

Putin and Trump agree that ISIS has been defeated: And Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes Trump’s choice to pull out of Syria. It’s so interesting that Trump would make a decision that, as the New York Times puts, “caught many by surprise, including some of his military and diplomatic advisers.” Catches his own military advisers by surprise, but is heralded by Putin? Hmm, it’s times like these where the only real form of expression appropriate is the thinky-face emoji. Even Republicans see this move as abandoning the U.S.’s Kurdish allies. But again, as Putin says, “Donald’s right, and I agree with him.”

Shutdown avoided? The Senate approved a temporary spending bill last night, which is expected to pass in the House today. Then it will go to the President, you know, Trump, who has not indicated whether he will or won’t sign it. On one hand, the bill does not give Trump his wall money, but on the other hand a shutdown would be horrible. That being said, Trump has a one-track mind.

Nope. It's not Santa: It's the Great Sperm in the sky!

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Closing night of Sara Porkalob's play Dragon Mama, a chance to eat fried chicken ramen and hear live music by Chong the Nomad and Catch24, and a concert with Sera Cahoone, Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters, and Cumulus.