I find it hard to believe their jobs are really that critical, when they fail abysmally at their primary function every time they are tested on it.

I don't think 2018 numbers have been released yet, but in 2017, they had a 70% failure rate (down from 95% in 2015):


Not sure how many supporters will show up for a rally by the least-liked and least-respected of federal workers.

@ -1 They're not critical, at all. That failure rate is for guns, so imagine what it would be for plastic explosive taped inside one's undies! Any semi-competent terrorist will get explosives onboard; the ones we've caught so far have just been incompetent amateurs.

TSA is just part of the "security theater" that makes travelers "feel" safe rather than actually be safe. It's past time to go back to the airports providing screening themselves.


Regardless of the "value" of their work, if you show up for work every day you should be getting a damn paycheck. You can bet if the fatcats weren't rich AF and fly by private jet, the govt would have been reopened by now. Only people who need paychecks show up for work without getting paid. It's shockingly unfair. Is this still the USA? No, it's a reality show and the orange slime is the dickhead in charge.


Ok, pay them but fuck the TSA. If planes aren't dropping from the sky it's because people don't want to take them out or other reasons besides some blue uniform seizing handlotion and dumping water bottles.

“With the threat to aviation evolving every day, developing the next generation of security technology with our industry partners is critically important,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “By expanding our use of biometrics, TSA secures its position as a global leader in aviation security and advances global transportation security standards.”

What threat is evolving that they need to have retinal scans on their most trusted travelers participating in Pre (typically by completing addition background checks and screenings with Global Entry)? This agency needs to be slashed.


I'm sorry but if the TSA went away I'd be happy. It's well documented that had the existing security agencies been doing their jobs on 9/11 the hijackers could have been apprehended before the attacks.

TSA was a right-wing big government grab that has repeatedly been shown to be incompetent


@1 @2 @3 @4 @5

"TSA Week in Review: December 10 - 16

"December 21, 2018 | 1 (# of comments)
TSA screened 14.6 million passengers and discovered 78 firearms in carry-on bags at airports from Dec. 10 through 16. Of the 78 firearms discovered, 63 were loaded and 28 had a round chambered. Bringing a firearm through the security checkpoint may..."

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