Selling this blood means I get dental insurance now!
"Selling this blood means I get dental insurance now!" Travelsouls/Getty Images

Olympia may make daylight saving time year-round: And what a good riddance that would be. There’s evidence that “spring forward, fall back” has some serious negative impacts like increased car accidents and greater risk of heart attacks so this seemingly innocuous change could save lives. If we stayed on daylight saving time year round, then we would have long sunny summer days but some seriously short winter days where the sun doesn’t rise until 9 a.m. I’m fine with that, I could use a few more sunrises in my life. Olympia will be hosting a public comment period today.

Georgetown community raises concerns about new sobering center: The new facility will provide a place where people can sleep off their blackouts and connect with alcoholism or medical treatment. The center is moving to Georgetown but local residents are wary if that’s the best place to put it, citing the area’s already large homeless population and fledgling commercial district. "I feel like Georgetown has been the place to push a lot of problems without any answers," Georgetown resident Edward Ball told KING 5.

Illinois passed a $15 dollar minimum wage: But it won’t happen overnight. Minimum wage in my former home state is currently $8.25 per hour and it will increase incrementally until it reaches $15 in 2025. Several states like California and New Jersey are moving toward a $15 wage, which was first championed by labor activists in Washington. This state is like a progressive petri dish. That could be our new slogan.

Sasquatch 2.0 is a shadow of its former glory: I spent three incredible weekend getting weird at Sasquatch, dancing my ass off as Bigfoot, and inhaling dust at El Chupacabra. But the festival closed its proverbial doors last year and the question everyone had was 'what comes next?' Well, now we know it’s a new 2-day festival called End of the Rainbow and it features Bassnectar headlining not just one, but TWO nights. I saw David Byrne, LCD Soundsystem, and Kendrick Lamar absolutely own that stage and now you want me to sit through two nights of Bassnectar? I’m going to the end of the rainbow to beat up the leprechaun that booked this lineup.

Confused about all the Trump and Russia connections? That’s exactly where they want you. The New York Times published a report yesterday that details a behind the scenes look at every major scandal the Trump administration faced in relation to Russia and the Mueller probe. It delves into how they tried, although ham-handedly, to discredit the Department of Justice, get Mueller removed, send Rudy Giuliani out on TV to yell on the president’s behalf. It’s the most comprehensive look at the history of this scandal and it’s astounding to read in chronological order. All the piecewise reporting we’ve read fits together like a high-stakes corruption Jenga tower.

My Dad told me to stop dunking on Baby Boomers: Sorry Dad. Old people are literally pumping the blood of young (poor) people into their bodies to reverse the effects of aging. If that’s not the aptest metaphor for how Baby Boomers have fucked over younger generations then I don’t know what is. The FDA is telling people to stop because one, there is no evidence that it even works and two, it is a very shady industry that hasn’t gone through any of the proper scientific steps to become FDA approved. Leave our blood alone, you old vampires.

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Australia launches emoji license plates: This will almost certainly end in people adorning their cars with creatively assembled emoji penises. I guess they’re only allowing a few happy, smiley faces, which seems discriminatory against the majority of us that are neither happy nor smiling when we drive. How about a middle finger emoji? That seems more appropriate.

An impasse on the Venezuela-Colombia border: International aid groups are trying to get large amounts of emergency food, water, and supplies to Venezuela’s beleaguered citizens, but Venezuela’s strongman president, Nicolás Maduro, is preventing the aid from entering. He believes the aid will benefit his opponent and self-declared interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, and it almost certainly would. But this impasse on the border won’t last forever, the people there are growing desperate.

In case you were wondering what $13 million worth of meth looks like: Here you go.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A live taping of the Las Culturistas podcast, a show with 50-year-old eccentric rabble-rouser Escape-ism, and a WordsWest reading with Tara Hardy and Michele Bombardier.