Guess were finally taking legalize it literally
Guess we're finally taking "legalize it" literally GURUXOOX/GETTY

Small-time marijuana convictions to be wiped from the record: And not a moment too soon with 4/20 right around the corner. The Washington House passed the bill late yesterday, which was already passed by the Senate. Now all they need to do is reconcile the two bills and get Jay Inslee’s John Hancock to vacate 69,000 misdemeanor convictions for pot possession. It’s baffling this didn’t happen sooner with it being legal here and all, but I guess better late than never.

We’re one step closer to staying on Daylight Saving Time: The Washington Senate voted to formally ask the U.S. Congress if we could stop springing forward and falling back every year. The House had already voted to do so, but these bills do have one glaring difference. The Senate bill would give the power to the people and put the Daylight Saving question on the November ballot as a referendum. The two chambers have less than two weeks to decide on that amendment before the legislative session ends.

UW protein design institute receives $45 million in funding: Through The Audacious Project, a philanthropic arm of TED. The Baker Lab, which I’ve visited before and can confirm is the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of protein design, is perhaps most well known for their work on developing a universal, lifelong flu vaccine. Right now, a new flu vaccine is developed every year based on the flu strains researchers think will be most prevalent that winter. It’s not an exact science and sometimes they get it wrong. The predominant strains can completely change by the time the vaccines are done growing in chicken eggs (yes, that is our current system), rendering them pretty ineffective. But a universal flu vaccine that protected people from every strain of the flu would be the holy grail of flu shots and $45 million in new funding might just help them do it.

A Metro shuttle pilot program launches in South Seattle: Forget Uber and Lyft for a while, just take the new shuttle to South Seattle light rail stations. King County Metro is teaming up with the transportation company Via to create a fleet of van shuttles that will take riders either to a light rail station or from a light rail station to their destination. Officials are hoping to solve that last-mile/first-mile problem where people still have to travel a significant distance from their closest transit options to their home or work.

Not a raindrop in sight this morning: I can’t wait until I can write Slog outside. But until then I’ll remain wrapped up in blankets.

The full Mueller Report will be released tomorrow: Well not the full report; they will be redacting parts of the report that might reveal investigating strategies, disrupt other ongoing investigations, out confidential sources, and a whole laundry list of exemptions. Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer, has already started preparing a point-by-point rebuttal of the report, which kind of suggests he knows what is in the report. But this is where we learn what Mueller actually found and dive into a little nuance. It’s 400 pages long so I will probably only have a few cliffnotes for you tomorrow morning.

Trump vetoed a bipartisan resolution to end US-involvement in Yemen war: What a fucking dick this guy is. I’m sorry, but Yemen is one of, if not the largest humanitarian disasters in a decade and he couldn’t even go along with a resolution to stop aiding Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign? The House passed the resolution in early April and the Republican-controlled Senate passed it by a 54-46 margin in mid-March, but Trump used his second ever veto to block it. If you need a refresher on how bad things have gotten in Yemen, read this.

Beyoncé dropped her new Coachella concert documentary today: And since she is a benevolent queen, she also gave us the live album of her Coachella performance. I haven’t listened to it yet but you better believe I will today. The documentary follows her preparation for the Coachella performance and, of course, the final product at last year’s festival. Could this unseat Stop Making Sense as the greatest live album of all time? Time will tell.

Now listen here you $#!%: With today’s musical spotlight we’re going to keep this whole Beyoncé thing going, not with a song she sung, but with a musical movie adaptation she started in. Dreamgirls is a classic musical set in Chicago following the rising success of the all-female group of black singers “The Dreams.” This is no doubt a song you’ve heard before and I’m only playing the movie version because Jennifer Hudson kills it.

Show me your mugs: We have so many good mugs today! Thank you to everyone that sent in a picture to kick off these mug shots with a bang.


Here's my mug I'm using today. No I have never seen a single episode of Sons of Anarchy but I mean, come on, the handle is a fucking gun. How could I not buy this mug?


A devastating gift from your kids, but you also must be proud that you imparted a healthy sense of humor.


I though this painting couldn't get any better and then you stuck a cute pup like Annie on there and now I want dogs on every famous piece of art. 13/10


Audrey Hepburn is having none of this morning. Also, I am no expert but I feel like she wouldn't be caught dead sporting a Dunkin' Donuts cup.


Shoutout to Fred Hutch for trying and in most cases succeeding at keeping people alive. It's a big job that requires big mugs of coffee.


I know this is a Pokemon but it also looks like Slytherin from Harry Potter. Can someone please explain in excruciating detail what's going on here?


Is this the cup everyone protests at Starbucks every Christmas? If so I'm onboard. It's heinous.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A Seattle Arts & Lectures reading with celebrated Mexican author Valeria Luiselli, a show with Austin psych-rockers White Denim, and a film screening of Candyman accompanied by a discussion about black representation in horror.