That person is probably next.
That person is probably next. bluejayphoto/Getty Images

Boeing Field was used for deportation flights: King County International Airport, or Boeing Field, has seen 466 deportation flights since 2010. That adds up to roughly 34,400 detained immigrants, according to a report by the University of Washington Center for Human Rights. King County Executive Dow Constantine signed legislation to limit this practice Tuesday, the same day the report came out.

Breaking: Seattle's top municipal court judge, Ed McKenna, asked to step down: But wait. He was asked to step down in a letter co-authored by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Director of the Department of Public Defense Anita Khandelwal. This is crazy for a lot of reasons but especially, according to David Kroman at Crosscut, because Holmes and Khandelwal represent opposing parties. They came together because they believe McKenna is not acting impartially or with integrity. Here's a copy of the letter plus some insightful tweets:

King County isn't ready to dump the dump: The King County Council voted to expand the dump located between Renton and Maple Valley and extend its lifespan. The decision will see the creation of a ninth dumping ground and delay the whole issue of what-should-we-do-with-this-trash until 2040. This is just the most recent delay in a history of delays for the closure of the dump. At least the trash eagles will be able to feast for years to come.

A vacant house in the U District caught fire: The fire on 9th Ave NE was out before 6 a.m. No one was believed to be in the building and firefighters aren't sure what caused the blaze. The house was vacant and slated for demolition.

Amazon means business in Bellevue: The Kindle inventor has set its sights on Bellevue. Amazon scooped up a deal in Bellevue that could be developed into upwards of a million square feet for the tech giant. The parcel of land is right next to a transit hub and right where the new light rail station will be built.

Clear skies, baby! What will you do with all this expansive blue at your fingertips?

Famous evangelical Christian tells Pete Buttigieg to repent: Franklin Graham (NO RELATION), the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wants the presidential candidate to repent for being gay.

More and more children are crossing the border alone: A 3-year-old boy was found in South Texas wandering around in a field alone. He had his name and phone numbers written on his shoes. Border Patrol took him into custody. This is not uncommon. In fact, the number of unaccompanied children crossing the border is rising. According to the New York Times: "In the first half of the current fiscal year, agents apprehended 35,898 unaccompanied children, compared with 50,036 during the entire 2018 fiscal year."

Check out this buzzer beater that put Oklahoma City Thunder out of the playoffs: Go Blazers!

People die in the Grand Canyon all the time, stop freaking out: It seems like there's a story about someone toppling over the rim of the Grand Canyon and plunging to their deaths every week. There have been three Grand Canyon-falling fatalities this month alone. Officials say this shit happens all the time and to fucking chill, okay??? (note: they didn't actually say that last part) Not everyone dies from falling, but a lot of people—about 12 on average annually—kick the bucket in the national park every year. My favorite part of this article is the official who says "gravity is part of the package" to explain these deaths.

Three Pennsylvania men are going to jail for fucking animals: Ah, Pennsylvania. I know The Stranger's Pet Issue is off newsstands but there's animal news breaking every day! These three self-described "animal lovers" (did you cringe?) are getting 20 to 41 years in prison for sodomizing a number of animals over a five-year period. By the numbers, they had nonconsensual sex with: a cow, a goat, nine horses and an unspecified number of dogs. I don't want to say that the dogs seem normal but NINE HORSES??? A goat??? This article specifically points out that all the horses were female so at least these men don't have to repent, right Franklin Graham?

Congrats to the guy who broke Jeopardy!: