This is all you need! And maybe for the sun to be down.
This is all you need! And maybe for the sun to be down. Koldunov/Getty Images

Trump administration meddles in Hanford Site: The ballooning costs of the cleanup caught the administration's eye, so they decided to roll back the definition of "high-level nuclear waste" to make the problem a little more palatable. Under current rules, the approximately 56 million gallons of radioactive waste left over from years of making nuclear weapons would have to be sealed in glass logs, an effective but expensive process. It would cost something in the ballpark of $325 billion and couldn't actually start until 2022, at the earliest. Trump's Department of Energy wants to go a different, cheaper route and encase the existing tanks in a special concrete. Nuclear-waste specialists argue that this might be a fine solution for a decade or so, but concrete is porous and will eventually leak nuclear waste.

Grant County fire 25 percent contained, could be extinguished by Friday: High winds made it tough for crews to slow the blaze. Thankfully, the winds died down enough yesterday afternoon to throw water at it or whatever it is they do to fight these fires. As of this morning, the fire is 25 percent contained, and if the weather cooperates, it could be completely out by tomorrow, according to the Seattle Times. At around 12,000 acres, this was the first big wildfire of the year in Washington in a season that promises to bring plenty more.

A decade of the Black Panther newspaper will go on display in the Central District: At 400 copies, this is one of the largest collections of the Black Panther newspaper in the country. The installation is the brainchild of Elmer Dixon, the founding member of Seattle's Black Panther chapter, and Edwin Lindo, who has collected these newspaper for more than a decade and owns Estelita's Library. This will be the first official installment of the city's Tiny Cultural Space initiative and will feature a rotating selection of copies.

Go take a look at Jupiter! This June is going to be the best time to see Jupiter because the planet is visible from the United States all night and at its closest orbit to Earth. If you have some good binoculars, you can even see its moons! Yes! Binoculars! That wasn't a joke! You might even see all the boys who went to Jupiter to get more stupider. I hope that joke translates and wasn't just a Midwest thing.

It's the 75th anniversary of D-Day: Trump is in Normandy commemorating the occasion with a speech that CNN called, "among the most traditional and presidential moments of his administration." It's a very low bar, so I'm assuming he essentially managed to stay on script. All of that aside, world leaders and several Western European countries today held anniversary events for the day that turned the fate of World War II. These before and after images never fail to hit home on just how important D-Day was.

You remember Tom, don't you? We talked about him in Slog AM yesterday. Here's the footage of his jump. He's pretty limber for 97 years old.

Forty-six ice-cream trucks are being impounded in New York City: And it's not for the god-awful music they play, which I argue is a crime against humanity. Turns out these ice-cream truck operators have racked up about $4.5 million in unpaid traffic violations over the years by creating shell corporations and constantly switching the registration on their trucks to evade paying. The city had finally had enough and seized 46 trucks owned by these shady operators in what they called "Operation Meltdown." I want a gritty crime drama staring Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio about this whole operation.

We've got some light showers coming in hot, over: Roger that, 10-4.

Border apprehensions hit a 13-year high: This might explain why Trump is so hopping mad at Mexico and threatening to levy tariffs. Either that or it's a blend of racism and being really fucking bad at foreign policy. A real toss-up. Anyway, Border Patrol stopped 132,000 migrants trying to cross the border with another 12,000 presenting themselves at ports of entry for asylum. This is now the third month in a row with more than 100,000 migrants trying to enter the United States.

Show me your mugs: One day late is better than never, right?


The perfect mug to kick off Pride Month coming to us all the way from Florida!


Sarah was kind enough to share her morning coffee recipe with us: "A handmade ceramic cup, very specific coffee maker, heavy whipping cream, and rum." Booze in your coffee is almost always a good idea.


And a big old hail Satan to you too, Geoffrey! According my Ouija Board, all the ghosts in my house are big fans of your mug.


This work of art is now the official mascot of this segment.

Now listen here, you $#!%: This song is poppy as hell, and I'm embarrassed to admit I like it as much I do, but goddamn does it make my toe tap. They'll be at Bumbershoot. This is the only song of theirs I know, so take this suggestion with a grain of salt.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Cafe Campagne’s 15th Annual Drink Pink, the Pioneer Square Art Walk, and an evening with retro indie-rocker Diane Coffee.