If Russia can hack our elections whats stopping them from hacking our hair products???
If Russia can hack our elections, what's stopping them from hacking our hair tools??? macniak/Getty Images

Trump wants to build a mine on a salmon nursery: The spot in Alaska's Bristol Bay is ripe with gold, silver, copper, and this one I'm having a real hard time spelling (molybdenum — copied and pasted it!). The only problem is that it's where sockeye salmon spawn. They lay their eggs there, and the young salmon stick around in the bay for years before they're ready to go out to sea. An Obama-era rule had protected Bristol Bay, yet a recent Environmental Protection Agency challenge to it may result in its repeal.

Amazon wants its workers to learn to code: The neighborhood bookseller has said it will commit $700 million to train a third of its US workforce in technical skills that will equip them for survival in this new economy. The fulfillment-center employees will learn skills that could allow them to actually move up in the company. That's great news, especially as Amazon is rapidly automating those jobs.

SPD thinks the emphasis patrols are working: Crime is down in the city overall! The patrols were supposed to last for only a month, but Mayor Jenny Durkan extended the emphasis patrols that were started in May in seven Seattle neighborhoods. The Seattle Police Department thinks the 11 percent citywide drop in crime is related to the increased police presence. They pointed to a connection between their presence and "a reduction in chronic issues like weeds, garbage, graffiti, and a drop in other issues." Wait. Weeds?? People see police and call a gardener? I need to look into that one further.

Yet, SPD needs more time for reforms: They're focusing too much energy on emphasizing their patrols and not enough on being responsible for their actions! A common story! In May, a federal judge found the Seattle Police Department out of compliance with federally mandated reforms. He gave them until July 15 to craft a plan to fix police accountability. SPD asked for a one-month extension yesterday. Talk about procrastinating!! SPD wants to use a team of outside consultants to draft their other plan about accountability. Sounds expensive.

This July is weird: My body is confused about whether we're experiencing fall or summer. My hair is not happy with the humidity.

The Gulf Coast is prepping for a hurricane: Meanwhile, the Mississippi River's water levels have reached unprecedented heights.

Meth den uncovered in West Seattle home: SPD seized 13 pounds of meth and narcotics from a West Seattle home on Wednesday. They also arrested two men in connection with the crime.

Washington prisons have become shitty nursing homes: The prison population in Washington, and also nationwide, is getting older. That means most of the money spent on them is on health-care costs. Also on the 55 cents an hour they pay younger prisoners to open doors in that wing at Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Connell, Washington, and push the old prisoners around in wheelchairs. One-third of the over-50 inmate crowd is serving life sentences. Of them, 15 percent are serving life sentences for violating the three-strikes policy: If you offend three times, you receive a life sentence.

School-district spending will break the bank: For the first time ever, Seattle Public Schools is planning on spending more than $1 billion on its new budget that was approved Wednesday. The change in spending is a result of a change in funding—the state will be throwing in more cash while it was ruled that less money can come from property taxes. Most of that money is for an expansion in health benefits and teacher raises.

The US is gearing up for mass immigrant family deportations: US Immigration and Customs Enforcement will start ROUNDING UP FAMILIES in nationwide raids that will start Sunday. Ten major cities are expected to be the center of these raids targeting around 2,000 people. The targets of ICE's raids are people who have crossed the border recently. They will be sent to detention centers, or, because of lack of space, hotel rooms, while they will await deportation. This is meant to be a show of force to deter more people from crossing the Southwestern border. Spread the word—and remember, ICE cannot force its way into a residence, so just don't open the door.

How about we don't detain anyone? Especially not children. Watch this woman speak in front of Congress. Her daughter died from being in a detention center.

Candidate for Mississippi governor won't let a female reporter on a campaign trip: Not unless she brings a male colleague along. State representative Robert Foster, a full-grown man with a bowl cut, was asked by a female reporter if she could tag along with him on the campaign trail. Foster, who looks like he exclusively watches bull riding on ESPN, said he "didn't want to end up in a situation where he and [the female reporter] were alone for an extended period of time." So, with god as his witness, he asked her to bring a male colleague along. She thinks that's sexist. I agree.

Endangered species in Tanzania are flourishing: After the government cracked down on industrial poaching, endangered rhino populations have flourished and grown by 1,000 percent. The county, billed as the epicenter of the poaching crisis, had only 15 rhinos four years ago. Now it has 167. Elephant numbers are also ticking up. British experts are no fun and say that the population growths are due to other factors.

Is this real or fake? For the uninitiated, there's a forum on Reddit (a subreddit) where people ask relationship advice. They're weirdly gendered. Usually, heterosexual men will submit mundane things like: "Help, my girlfriend sometimes hums in her sleep and I only get seven hours of sleep instead of eight. Is it okay if I cheat on her with her sister?" But women will submit things like: "My boyfriend cheese-grates his elbow skin, says a prayer about how women shouldn't be able to vote, and then eats the skin. He never spends time with me anymore. Am I being too needy?" It's a lot of fun, and I love it. But this post yesterday... was a lot. I want it to be real so desperately, but something is telling me it has to be a cooked-up story. What do you think?

Oh no, the world's first Bluetooth hair straighteners have some flaws! Terrible news, I know. But, these high-tech hair straighteners are hackable. The straightener connects to an app on your phone where you can set your heat settings and whatnot. Apparently, that's easy to hack into and control. A hackable hair straightener! Move over, Black Mirror. The beauty tools can be overridden and set to a max temperature of 455 degrees!!!! We are truly Icarus flying too close to the sun.

California teen breaks into zoo, steals lemur: A 19-year-old broke into the Santa Ana Zoo last year, used some bolt cutters to pry his way into the lemur and capuchian monkey enclosure, and stole Isaac, a 32-year-old lemur. Isaac is the oldest lemur in captivity in the United States! The teen got away and then abandoned Isaac in a plastic container with a note taped to it: "Lemur (with tracker)," the note said. "This belongs to the Santa Ana Zoo, it was taken last night please bring it to police." He (the teen not the lemur) faces a year in federal prison and a $100,000 fine.

This is a mood: 'They can't stop all of us': More than 250K pledge to storm Area 51 to uncover alien secrets.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A chance to see pot-induced stand-up at the Gateway Show, the Puget Sound Goat Rescue fundraiser Baby Goats & Brews, and an indie-rock show with Momma, Emma Lee Toyoda, Black Ends, 36?, and Emily Yacina.