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Vote like it's the last time you'll ever vote again, because it might be.

Nothing scares Republicans more than a big, stuffed ballot box. Lolli Morlock



“Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, because they're the better enemies to have.”

Even after four years of Donald Trump, you still feel the need to posture like this. Incredible.


"Vote like it's the last time you'll ever vote again, because it might be." then you proceed to tell people to give up their right to vote on the sheriff...


The amount of cognitive dissonance required to believe that charter amendments 5 and 6 are not about defunding the sheriff may be too high even for Seattle. I'm sure we can trust the King County Council to do manage this correctlyI mean look at what a great job the City Council is doing with the SPD. Vote NO!


This is relevant to the North/Ladd judicial race. I know the author and trust that they're reporting accurately.

If North's argument is that he's got the experience to support the bench, he needs to back that up by not fucking up the jury instructions (twice!) in a single trial. "I've got lots of experience doing lousy work" just doesn't really ring my bells.


Append "Vote Ladd" to the end of #4. How I wish for an edit button.


Don't you dare drop your ballot into a drop-box after October 30. If you can't vote early, then use a drop box!


Sad correction: Don't you dare drop your ballot into a mailbox after October 30.


Two requests for an "edit" button within the first 7 comments... New record?


@1 You can't call it "posturing" when there are posters for the Greens and other third-party spoilers all over Capitol Hill. Someone still hasn't gotten the message that there is only one way to vote that might actually get rid of Trump, and the only way to (maybe) convince them of that is to stipulate up front that Biden is no one's idea of a progressive champion. The Stranger would have been grossly negligent not to do that.

(Yes, I know, Biden is a shoo-in in Washington, so I understand the invitation to "vote your conscience" may be very attractive here. But his national popular vote total needs to be as high as possible to forestall the inevitable attacks on the election's "legitimacy" if he wins.)


Wow! There's some Good Peeps runnin' out there!
THNX, Stranger!

@8 -- if I haven't yet beat it I soon will


Jack Walsh owns an ice cream shop and doesn't want pot stores in Federal Way?
You'd think he'd realize that "the munchies" are good for ice cream sales.


The Stranger considers Kamala Harris an "enemy"? One of your least horrible enemies--how nice of you--but still an "enemy." Ridiculously unfair. And Biden: you'll hold your morally pure noses, but, bravely, you'll deign to suggest we vote for him. Note: Biden has to win a real election and appeal to diverse groups to do so. That is difficult to do, and he's doing a solid, credible job of it. Yes, vote for Biden and Harris--without remorse or apology. @9: I agree. Every single vote for Biden and Harris will help. Every vote. Trump is corrupt beyond words, and, should he lose, he'll do every sleazy thing he can to discredit the election. Go Joe and Kamala!


Fuck Biden/Harris. For all the reasons listed.

I’m voting Green. It’s better to fight the enemy you know you have than the friend who will stab you in the back.


"We know all you overtaxed property owners out there are going to groan about "property tax fatigue," but are you seriously going to vote against expanding a hospital in the middle of a pandemic AND in the middle of a mental health crisis? No."

Actually, YES!

Every single property tax levy is marketed as tremendously important, from affordable housing to schools to climate change to Harborview. Every one of them makes the property owner appear as a cad by voting no. However, it's our prerogative to control our taxation, the every essence of being free in America.

Hopefully, this prop will fail and then the legislature will finally institute a state income tax. The cycle must be broken. We have to be strong and resolute, because next year there will be something else just as dramatic.

Dow Constantine is a terrible executive.

Proposition One. A nice-to-have, not a must have. Be brave and vote NO!


I'm disappointed but not surprised that you guys correctly assessed the importance of the presidential election, kind of correctly assessed the circle jerk on the left about it, and then STILL couldn't find one positive thing to say about Biden/Harris. It's like you don't really want Turmp to lose.


I'm the self-described "pot-addled brains" of writers at an online-only alt weekly with no copy editor (whose publication somehow has outsize influence on our state's politics) saw fit to remember Kim Schrier and Ingrid Anderson are running in competitive races (the edibles made them forget in the primary).


What a disgusting "endorsement" for Biden/Harris. Your "endorsement" does more harm than good by propagating lies and distrust in Biden.

"The better enemies to have" seriously?

"Biden does not support universal health care" yes he does you fucking liars.

"Biden is bought" do you have literally any reason to believe this or is it just a generic thing you say about people you don't like?

Once again, the SECB endorsements read like they're written by 15 year olds who just discovered politics and think voting Biden/Harris is too "uncool" for them. Funny how you spend the rest of the article bashing Republicans up and down the ticket, and then bitch and moan and whine about Biden/Harris who are leading the fight against Republicans. Sorry they remind you of your parents. Sorry we couldn't have Bernie, or a trans activist with purple dreadlocks who thinks currency is a social construct.


why even bother filling out any of the advisory votes? they literally don't matter.


"It must be nice to feel entitled to
monopolistic control of the
mainstream media."

Oh yes.
we're like the Rupert
Murdochs of the Left Coast.


The Stranger: Our criminal justice system is broken!
Also The Stranger: Vote for the prosecutor!


@9 “You can't call it posturing”

Oh yes I can.

Describing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our enemies without a trace of sarcasm is obvious and ridiculous posturing to the tiny sliver of privileged hipster-zealots who consider voting for the best viable candidate to be “selling out”.

Don’t give their argument any credence. Don’t engage in their unwinnable debate. They are not allies.


@12: What difference does it make how people FEEL about voting for the Biden-Harris ticket, so long as they DO vote for it?

The fact is, nobody, anywhere, has ever been a passionate, enthusiastic Biden supporter.
The point is to get people to vote to stop long as the vote is cast, it doesn't matter whether the people casting it were STOKED to do so. Votes don't count more, or less, based on the excitement level of the voters.


The Stranger has misrepresented the vote on resolution 8212. It is not about cutting the tax revenue for long-term care, it is about how those funds, once collected are invested. 8212 is proposing to invest those funds in the stock market. Voting against 8212 would keep those funds in more secure investments, as they now are, and would have no effect on the current tax or collection of those funds as it now stands.


@24 is correct. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not allies.

I’m also voting for the Green Party because, even if I vote for them, if I don’t vote for them hard enough I’ll still be labeled a “traitor” or whatever you call it. Just look at the comments above. The Stranger still endorsed the Conservative Duo, but because they didn’t suck Joe Biden’s dick while doing it, they’re considered a traitor.

Fuck centrist Democrats. They’re the ones teargassing Capitol Hill. They’re the ones teargassing Portland. They’re the ones supporting law and order candidates in the face of rampant police brutality. Fuck them right in the ear.

I’m also not voting for Jay Inslee because he hasn’t stepped in to do anything.


@26 Exactly. The Democratic Senator that argued against it saying it was irresponsible, meant it was irresponsible to invest the funds in the stock market - not that it was irresponsible to provide long term care for the elderly. Don't newspapers have editors anymore to check shit like this?


@28@26: Yes that's a glaring error and should be corrected.


Why isn't US Representative Congressional District No. 1 on here?

I assume you'd be endorsing Suzan DelBene still, but i'm confused about the omission.


@26 @28

This is really disappointing... i hope they do correct it before too many people vote, because it does seem irresponsible to invest these funds in a stock market that does not reflect reality.

It would be nice for the Stranger to try to maintain some SEBC credibility by making this correction.


Yuck, I can't vote Hilary Franz for Commissioner of Public Lands. And I wouldn't vote for the Republican even if it came with a free baggie of high-potency weed. Who to write in then? I liked Jennifer Belcher back in the day, but she's a West Virginia resident now. Franz has adopted the classic playbook for Dem centrists. She puts on a hardhat and spends her time hugging cattlemen and timber beasts, knowing full well that progressives have nowhere else to go. She's against trust land transfers for preservation of deserving state lands; plus the recent, staggeringly offensive DNR clearcuts above Hwy 2 near Gold Bar came about on her watch. And she wants more taxation to step up logging even more. There's no clothespin on earth that's tight enough for my nose to enable a vote for Franz.


Hey Stranger, you erred. Sarah Reyneveld is hands down the best choice for State Representative for the 36th District. Who am I to try to convince you? See for yourself. Watch the Stranger-sponsored debate on Monday October 19th at 8pm. Sarah will inspire you. She's an Assistant Attorney General on Bob Ferguson's winning team for a reason :


The priorities of the woke wybros @ The Stranger couldn't be clearer. The only qualifications required to earn their endorsement? LGBTQZZZ, Unions and policies left of Kshama Sawant, the legendary slayer of imaginary dragons.

Racism ON THE JOB a la Doug North? Oh well he's apologized and it's time to move on.

Homophobia, real or imagined, however many decades ago? You're voted off the island. Forever with no chance of redemption. Lol!




Take what you say and vote the opposite.


It isn't enough that The Stranger endorses Biden-Harris, even though those two are corporate hacks. The neolibs want servitude and gobs of enthusiasm. Note they don't give any policy reasons (except for @18, who lies about Biden and universal health care - Biden's made it clear he'd veto Medicare for All) - Neolibs can't win arguing issues - they're against the majority of Americans - so they resort to their usual bullying and pot shots. It's great illustration of why the Democratic Party needs to go.


14, Raindrop, I agree it's annoying to have a lot of ad hoc requests for money, all of which are important individually, with no concern about how priorities fit into an overall budget. However, if the Harborview bonds measure fails, no way in in hell is the state legislature going to care, much less levy a state income tax. The last time the state income tax was up for a vote, 10 years ago, it failed by almost 2:1. Now, I'm sad about that and I'd rather a state income tax were in the mix of revenues for Washington, but those are odds no state legislator outside King County are interested in fighting. If we want to keep Harborview from falling down in the next big earthquake, nobody's going to fund it but us.


@40: "If we want to keep Harborview from falling down in the next big earthquake."

Lots of buildings will fall down in the next big quake. Don't fall for the hype.

Vote NO on prop 1.


Thank you so much for creating a voting guide so I know to do the complete opposite of everything the stranger says! I love my Trumpy Bear!


Hell, yes. I Voted for Fergee.
"Ferguson isn't perfect. He tossed around "reimagining" the police instead of defunding... "

cutting back on funds is def one approach*
but we're def gonna hata rethink the po-po.

*another might be to hold police unions accountable
for continued EXPEN$$$IVE Transgressions
put some of those Pension Funds
on the Line and let's see if
all those Claim$ diminish.
too Pragmatic?



"Lots of buildings
will fall down in the
next big quake. Don't
fall for the hype. Vote
NO on prop 1."

of course they'll fall Down, dummy. but The Point is to make them safe enough for the Occupants to GTFO before they Do. (wouldn't it be Ironic if you -- gawd Forbid -- were in the most earthquakle-prone part of Harborview when the next Big One hits and knew your odds of Survival had just been upped by the Bond Measure you'd just pissed all over?)

I know -- it's not about You.


@47: Conflating a vote on a tax extortion scheme with two hypotheticals doesn't get you irony.


ah, so it's the Extortion you're objecting to.
tell me More?


Stranger editors: you do not have to fill in the ballot in black ink. Let's not make this harder than it needs to be --there are more blue pens in the world than black, and they can use either --see the Oct 22 Seattle Times article. Thank you for the correction.


Over the years there has been a remarkably consistent pattern whereby I agree with all of the Stranger's endorsements but one. This election follows that pattern, and where I break with the SECB this time is on Res. 8212. Exempting yet another fund from the entirely sensible (and inherently progressive) state restrictions on securities investments is categorically a bad idea and sets an even worse precedent, regardless of the merits of the fund itself. (This seems so evident that I'm wondering if the SECB privately agrees but made a tactical decision to sacrifice this one measure so they could just tell people to "vote yes on everything," thereby simplifying things for those who need things made simple if they're going to vote at all. I'll readily grant there is an argument to be made for that! But I urge everyone else to vote Rejected on 8212.


I am profoundly disturbed by your analysis of Advisory Vote No. 35. For starters, the creature you are referring to is Gmork. He is wolf-like, but is not a wolf. More importantly, you assert that he claims to be the Nothing when he is clearly a wolf (or at least, as noted above, a wolf-like creature). And he never makes such a claim! He quite clearly and explicitly identifies himself as merely a servant of the powers behind the Nothing. Finally, you state that Gmork "emerges from the darkness". This is consistent with his appearance in the movie, but in the book, Atreyu finds Gmork fastened to a rock by an unbreakable chain in Spook City. There is of course nothing wrong with referencing the movie rather than the book-- but not more than two sentences later you say that Gmork was sent to destroy *Fantastica, which is the setting of the book, whereas in the movie is set in Fantasia. I am utterly confounded by this apparent cross-media reference. If your intention was to sow confusion, "well done", I say. "Well done", indeed.


I "voted" for the Green Party's Howie Hawkins: I've NEVER "voted" for the Duopoly's Klandidates in a presidential election. The GPUSA candidates are in over forty states' ballots as either write-ins or printed-ons: you have NO excuses to NOT vote for a candidate who CAN win BOTH the Electoral College AND the popular vote. --

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