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The Shelter Expansion Will Alleviate Visible Homelessness, County Says

Dow Constantine, these protesters don't want you or your shelter expansion in their neighborhood. Randy Wo-Eng



“The City has made construction plans in the CID a number of times without consulting the neighborhood: the Kingdome, DESC’s Navigation Center, and the light rail expansion to name a few.”

The Kingdome was not a project of the City of Seattle, but of King County, as the very name reveals. Light Rail was built by Sound Transit, also not the City of Seattle. Ironically, the only one of the three named projects actually done by Seattle was another Charlie-foxtrot which inflicted more drug-addled vagrants on the CID, and thus justifies the concerns made by locals about the newly-proposed project.


City doesn't care about these people. That's why there are tiny homes all up and down MLK, a heavily Asian and Black corridor, filled with young white people with no home.
And the CID should consider the offer of sheltering those most visible in the CID first as a lie, you cannot prioritize shelter for one group over another just based on where they are living; that is not allowed.


I think this misses the point the residents and business owners of the CID are saying. We are not against the unhoused, but rather against the government unilaterally putting high impact projects into our neighborhood with out us having any meaningful input. They say they did outreach, but to only a select few non-profits that receive funds from the state, county and city, which we feel is conflict of interest. All we are asking for is a pause so we can have a meaningful dialog with King County on this. The unhoused deserve to be safe as do the other residents of the CID. One thing we'd demand is that the current unhoused people in the CID have priority to the facilities being placed in our neighborhood.


Unbelievable, Hannah Krieg and the Stranger are pitting one oppressed and disadvantaged minority against another. The houseless against the Asians. What neighborhood do you live in Hannah, and would your neighbors and nearby businesses be in support of a homeless Megaplex next them, if they already have 20+ shelters/service providers within walking distance of your neighborhood- like Chinatown already does? Especially when the City, County, and State have not helped to mitigate the problems they have dumped in your neighborhood already- like continual break-ins of businesses at night, vandalism, fires, car prowls, and assaults. Why didn’t you mention that in your article? Does your neighborhood have existing impacts from the associated affects of predatory crime and drugs associated with high concentrations of the houseless (who are directed to Chinatown), like the CID does. It’s not NYMBYism. We already have it here. We just can’t handle the burden of more, being dumped on us. Regarding the “more than a dozen” community organizations they have met with-before July (when this was exposed), they only met a dozen individuals-some of them work for the few groups they mentioned. We have a recorded admission of that. To them a “community organization” is a “person that belongs to that group”.


As someone who actually lives in the neighborhood, anyone who doesn't think this megashelter will affect the neighborhood has no idea what we deal with regularly. Go ahead and walk around the neighborhood. Shops robbed from, damaged windows, places still boarded up, many seniors scared to go out who are victimized, mentally ill and addicts wandering the neighborhood. I've had people on my own front step smoking that I've had to shoo away. There's been a continuous camp presence since the beginning of the pandemic near the overpass that has affected local businesses and residents. We've seen shops close. And this just comes from the presence of maybe a few dozen who frequent or live in the neighborhood. How does anyone think hundreds more won't affect it, especially when there has been no mention of what kind of security will exist? There are a lot of vulnerable people here and this will only make things worse than them. There are a lot of neighborhoods and space for something like this to go. They don't to further degrade a neighborhood who has already been dragged.

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