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Maybe We Could Use the Millions for Housing Instead?

Alyne Fortgang, founding member of Humane Voters of Washington, says the sharks will be packed like sardines in a fake “ocean” that will lead to a low-quality life and an early death. HK



The only question I have is will the sharks have laser beams?


It cute when people don't understand governmental budgeting. To them, life is just one big After School Special.


The "$20 Million is a lot of money" angle is a lot more compelling than the "full human rights for fish!" argument.


I'm always left with a melancholy feeling after visiting a zoo or aquarium. No to the shark jail.


All kidding aside I can understand the natural reaction to not allow animals to be held in captivity. What these activists don't tell you however is the vital role zoos and aquariums play in the research, conservation and preservation efforts of species around the world. Here's but one article on the role these institutions play and there are numerous other studies and articles if you google them:

In addition to the conservation efforts these orgs also help aid and rehabilitate injured and sick animals. When the Department of Fish and Wildlife is called to aid a stranded dolphin or injured manatee they contact SeaWorld. Yes, that SeaWorld that everyone loves to hate. I've seen SeaWorld's rehabilitation area and its massive. It's all behind the parks though so the general public would never even know it's there. The truth is without SeaWorld there would be many more dead marine mammals because these activist groups sure as hell don't have the resources or a plan to intercede.

That doesn't mean all these institutions are equal though. There are the Tiger King type places out there and so the one thing you and do to ensure you are supporting a reputable organization that adheres to scientific standards for the care and well being of their animals is to make sure they are accredited by either the Association of Zoos and Aquariums or the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums. These accreditations are rigorous and expensive but it ensures the institutions put the care and well being of their animals front and center. The Seattle Aquarium is accredited by AZA and no one should have any qualms about supporting them.


@5: They play a vital role in research only to an extent. But I would guess that 90% of exhibits don't meet that criteria.


@6 if they are accredited every exhibit meets the standard. Are they all some scientific study? No, but the money they make goes towards their efforts. It’s never perfect but they do way more to benefit animals than harm them so don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.


There are no metrics or peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the captivity industry's time-worn claim that any significant education or conservation takes place at a zoo or aquarium. The industry's own World Association of Zoos and Aquarium's found that people's caring for wild animals and wild habitat actually decreased after a zoo visit.
The captivity industry is primarily an entertainment industry.


Alyne, all I saw when I popped open your google drive link is some granny porn

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