James Yamasaki

Last month, Seattle mayor Ed Murray banned city-funded travel to Indiana after that state passed a "religious freedom" law making it easier to discriminate against LGBT people. Soon, a bunch of unhinged people were flooding Murray's in-box. They ranted about his "gay agenda" and they threatened to never come to Seattle again. (Yes, please!) We got hold of the hate mail through a public records request and sifted through an amazing 376 e-mails calling Murray a "bully," a "bigot," and a "dildo," while also accusing him of "catering to LGBT militants" and using his "gay persuasion" to rain a big gay storm of pro-gay legislation down on us all. (Murray has since rescinded the travel ban, not as a capitulation to the haters but because Indiana legislators amended the law to say it can't be used to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Murray called on Indiana to go further and pass a "comprehensive" antidiscrimination law like Washington State has. We're waiting...) Still, the screeds are worth daylighting as a reminder that this absurdly hateful nonsense still exists—mostly outside of Seattle, thankfully, though some of the letters to Murray did come from within the city limits. Below are a few of the best/worst. Enjoy! HEIDI GROOVER

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Dear Adolph Murray,

I'm so glad to think that you are lord and ruler over pre-WWII Germany or communist Russia, but who the hell do you think you are? You're going to try and prohibit employees from traveling to Indiana to protest their anti equal rights decision? Who the hell do you think you are? I hate to remind you, but you work for the people! They don't work for you! Good luck on your next term for re-election. If I were you, I wouldn't leave that mansion that the good people of Washington have provided for you. It's a lot safer inside!!! Good luck you piece of shit!!!

Kjarl J. Troidl

North Collins, New York

James Yamasaki

Mr. Mayor,

If the headlines about your proposal to try to hurt Indiana financially are correct, it seems obvious as a gay gay gay, you are as intolerant as members of the KKK. For those few in our society whose outstanding characteristic is their same sex attraction and who "preach" tolerance and understanding, it's harder to accept your hypocrisy than your same sex preference.

Robert Leinbac

Las Vegas, Nevada

James Yamasaki

Mayor Murray,

Stop using your sexual persuasion to attempt to effect political changes. Your attack on Indiana is wrong. Just because you are gay does not mean that all of your decisions have to be completely from the gay perspective. I am a heterosexual although I have worked with gays all my life. That does not mean that I want those values and behaviors shoved down my throat. Why do all of your decisions have to be orientated to gay promotion. Your behavior to Indiana is very disrespectful of the religious freedoms and values of people other than gay. Your attitude is actually Un American. The Hobby Lobby decision has already determined that your current behavior is not correct. As the elected Mayor of Seattle you must equally represent all the people. Your gay persuasion should be a minor element of you decision process and behavior. Stop getting involved in things bigger then your office and also please stop the war on cars.

Jonathan Sutter

Seattle, Washington

James Yamasaki

I realize that you neither understand nor support the Constitution of the United States, but please be advised that a person cannot be lawfully compelled or coerced by government to engage in any activity, commercial or otherwise, in violation of his religious conscience. This natural right of religious freedom is specifically enumerated in the First Amendment and is a cornerstone of our nation's culture and legal system. There is no fundamental constitutional right to engage in homosexual behaviors, nor is the government constitutionally empowered to force one to act in violation of his religion. Sorry, Mayor, but the First Amendment trumps the homosexual agenda. Thus, I would encourage Washington, Connecticut, and California to secede from the union in order to pursue the agendas and forms of government of your choosing. However, in lieu of such secession, you will not be permitted to force your anti-Constitutional agenda on the rest of the nation. Please be further advised that until such time as you rescind your travel ban to Indiana, my company will cease to engage in any form of commerce with Seattle-based companies.

You have publicly declared economic war against Indiana for justly and lawfully protecting First Amendment rights. History has demonstrated that acts of economic war by one government jurisdiction against another can result in rather unpleasant, unforeseen consequences. Let it be known to all that you fired the first volley with your reckless, injudicious and foolish words and actions.

With Boundless Contempt,

Michael N. Goldberg

Parsonsburg, Maryland

Dear Godless, Communist Mayor,

You are the same as the evil people who crucified Christ over 2000 years ago! Happy Easter!

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Ron L Wheeler

Avon, Indiana recommended