What is your hair-as-art philosophy?

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I really like hair as a canvas because it's a collaboration between the client and me. So it's my art. I get to have fun with each individual and make someone feel better about themself. When I see clients get excited about their hair, it makes my art feel even more special.

All your hairstyles are so bright and colorful!

I'm affected by color—it makes everything happier and more vibrant. I think different colors change your mood, whether you notice it or not. As a child, I always wanted to be part of a Rainbow Brite, Jem and the Holograms, Care Bears kind of world—this is my step toward making the world have more of that.

It seems like you change your own hair every two weeks or so?

I do do that! It's sort of impulsive and compulsive. I usually rotate through colors that are similar on the color wheel. Until it's time for me to do my roots, and then I'll bleach out the whole thing and start over.

Your new salon, Taffy, will open in September. What can we expect?

It won't necessarily have a traditional salon vibe. I want it to feel like a playground for adults—a place to have art shows, maybe some pop-ups where I invite my friends who sell vintage or make little trinkety things, or do ice cream socials.

I hear you are an avid bowler?

I've been in leagues on and off since about seventh grade. But I just go bowling for fun now, mostly. My favorite place to be is a bowling alley because there are no expectations of how you should be at all. It's this kind of grungy, fun sport. You hang out, you drink some beers... and they always have the best carpets with neon colors and cool patterns. I love it!

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What's your favorite bowling spot?

It was the AMF on Rainier, but it closed recently, so now I like going over to West Seattle Bowl because they have big lanes. And it's over by Vidiot, which is an arcade that I like to go to. recommended