A hearty Valentine’s Day to all of you freaky, perverted, lovelorn wretches.

We begin the show with a humdinger of a call from a man whose wedding night is shaping up to be very special indeed.

A married woman shares a phone with her husband. She notices that the ads served on his Instagram feed are very different from what she sees. He sees AI generated, photo-shopped sex vixens. She’s treated to arts & crafts blogs. Is Insta pushing sexual images based on his basic demographic? (Straight dude.) Or does the Algorithm know more about her husband than she does? Dan calls up a social media expert for this one.

On the Magnum, we welcome back intimacy expert Rena Martine to help a caller in her mid 30s who has never had penetrative sex before. Why is she avoiding it? How can she tell future lovers about her mindset, grow into a full sexual life?

And, a bi man has started focusing on men over women. But his dick hasn’t gotten the memo. How can he learn to keep his erection for the men he’s so attracted to?

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