No, Nancy, you're not there to find "common ground" with the fascists. Like Jack Runyan says: "Trump lost the pop. vote, is viewed very unfavorably, his agenda is not supported by a majority, and Democrats need to fucking act like it."

I'd only add...

I'm going to lose my fucking mind if one more Dem says, "We can't stoop to their level." Hello?!? They're winning down there. They're fighting "at their level" and they're kicking your fucking asses. They're kicking our fucking asses. And you're gonna have to fight them where they are—down there, at that level. They stooped, they conquered. Stop waiting for glacial demographic trends to save your asses and ours and get up off your backs and fight.

Fight them at their level. You have no choice. Pick up every ax they've used—obstruct, block, suppress—and swing them twice as hard. We didn't send you to Washington to set a good example for the Republicans. You're there to beat them. And you're gonna have to play the dirty fucking game that's actually being played, not the goo-goo game you wish was being played. And if you can't play the game that's being played, Dems, if you won't filibuster this Gorsuch POS, we're going to replace you with people who will and can.