Dave Reichert somehow keeps getting elected.
Not interested in seeing Trump's tax returns: Republican Congressman Dave Reichert, who represents Washington State's 8th District. office of rep. dave reichert

Joining all of his fellow Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, Western Washington Congressman Dave Reichert voted today against requesting President Donald Trump's tax returns.


A day after the Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee dismissed the idea, the panel's Democrats proposed an amendment demanding that the committee ask the Treasury Department for copies of Trump's returns by March 1.

"Unless this amendment is adopted, we will never see the president's tax returns while he's in office," Representative Sander Levin, a Michigan Democrat, told committee Chairman Kevin Brady at a public hearing.

"Before you stonewall this, I urge you to think twice," Levin added. "You'll only keep the issue... alive.

Brady strongly rejected the request as an abuse of the committee's authority.

Minutes later, committee rejected the amendment along party lines in a 23-15 vote.

The only other Washington representative on the House Ways and Means Committee is Democrat Suzan DelBene. She voted yes.

You may remember another of of Reichert's post-Trump votes: He supported gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics. Before that, he voted in 2015 to restrict the United States' acceptance of Syrian refugees.

Reichert's constituents might very well find these votes appalling. But we probably shouldn't be surprised if Reichert doesn't pick up on such upset. The Congressman has been avoiding his constituents, refusing to hold town hall meetings in an effort to prevent a "YouTube moment." Now, community groups in his district are planning a rally next week to raise concerns about the "repeal of the Affordable Care Act, efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and a 'Muslim ban' that has sown chaos in the airports and torn families apart."