...over at The Urbanist. They're backing Cary Moon for mayor:

She has solid, progressive ideas around affordable housing, transportation, and land use. She is distinguishing herself in this campaign by bringing up innovative policy proposals that get at the root of Seattle’s affordability crisis, such as taxes on speculation and corporate investment. Seattle needs a mayor who is on board with the policies outlined in HALA and realizes the need to go further. She has set an ambitious but attainable goal of expanding Seattle’s affordable housing stock to 24%, using tools like community land trusts and surplus public land. She has proven herself capable of working effectively with a range of stakeholders, from government leaders to neighborhood groups. She has also shown a commitment to ensuring that the Seattle of the future is open to all residents regardless of income, race, or background.

The Urbanist is also backing Teresa Mosqueda over longtime housing activist Jon Grant for city council. SECB endorsements will be out next week.