Day 200: Declares he can do the Dougie better than Michelle Obama, tries, fails.
Day 200: Declares he can do the Dougie better than Michelle Obama. Tries. Fails. Mark Wilson / Getty Images

And on the 200th day, the lazy boy—"Six months in office, 40 days at golf clubs, zero major pieces of legislation"—awoke at the golf club he owns in Bedminster, New Jersey.

He began fuming on Twitter about "fake news," the Russia investigation, assorted enemies, and the minimal credit he gets for "working hard" and having a base that "is far bigger & stronger than ever before."

Not even Kellyanne Conway believes that last one. Polls show Trump's approval among his own base is, in fact, dropping. Sad.

But enough about him. On a day like today, a Monday with a big round number attached to it, sometimes it's nice to scroll through the "WhatTheFuckJustHappenedToday"archives and recall all the nonsense and numbskullery (and worse) that we've lived through already.

A lot of terrible things have happened in the last 200 days. A lot of resistance has happened, too. Through it all, Trump has not been able to achieve anything near what he promised. (Remember the pledge to "immediately repeal and replace Obamacare"? We're at Day 200 and, yeah—no.)

Anyway, congratulations. So far you (and America) have survived Steve Bannon, Steve Miller, "alternative facts," "Braggadocious," Jeff Sessions, Anthony Scaramucci, Neil Gorsuch, and so many bad policies and apocalyptic pronouncements that a person needs a web archive like this to track them all.

Meanwhile, Special Counsel Robert Mueller—appointed on Day 118—is closing in.