This fucking guy.
This fucking guy. Washington State House

As you likely already read in the Morning News, the Seattle Times refreshed and fully reported detailed sexual harassment allegations that have been hanging over Washington State House Rep. Matt Manweller's head since 2012. (The incidents of alleged harassment themselves go back to 2006. The Times also reports, as Goldy had so dutifully reported five years ago, the fact that Manweller met his first wife when he was a 28-year-old high school soccer coach and she was a sophomore at that high school, working directly under him as the soccer team's manager.)

Anyway, last night I was looking through documents from Central Washington University's internal investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Manweller, which I'd requested earlier in the day, when I came upon this note from Manweller's lawyer to the university:

Wait, whos the hunter?
Wait, who's the hunter? Screenshot

In a memo in CWU's internal report, an investigator called the woman Manweller's lawyer is referring to in the paragraph above. Here are her notes—which the Times makes available in their article—regarding their phone conversation:

She had her issues and dealt with it over two years ago, and has not had a problem with [Manweller] since then. She confronted his behavior and told him she wasn't going to take it, and since then it stopped and he has treated her with respect, and they have a normal teacher student [sic] relationship. She said the college really dropped the ball in investigating, but since he is now on his way to being a legislator, that he will have far less young women to prey on.

Dismount courtesy of the Times:

Two other female lobbyists, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said there is an informal network of women in Olympia who prepare newcomers by warning them about spending time alone with Manweller and with some others with reputations for various types of inappropriate behavior.

Who is hunting who here?