Recollects Mr. Robot and is similarly and simultaneously lunatic fringe and clear-eyed. As a Maryland voter . . . I'd give her a chance.
I thought the point was to get the felons out of DC, not to put more into DC?
Too bad she chose Maryland. She should have moved to Seattle and challenged Maria Cantwell. Senator Cantwell seriously needs to be primaried from the left. Doesn't even need to be someone likely to beat her, just enough of a challenge to pull her to the left a little. As liberal as Western Washington is, we should have a liberal Democrat, not a pair of centrists, in our Senate delegation.
I'd be more supportive if she'd decided she wants to be a Representative in Congress, rather than a Senator. If she turned out to be an idiot, at least then she could be voted out after two years rather than six.
@2 No, the point is to get Republicans out of DC. I'll gladly vote for anyone whose felony was the result of exposing American war crimes.
This person is obviously delusional and living in a world where she is surrounded by sycophants.
There’s a difference between “whistleblower” and a “traitor” to which Chelsea is pretty much the later. In all fairness I’m glad she’s running because it will be a perfect win for the Republican challenger. Maryland is home to many military installations and large DOD contractors like Lockheed, Raytheon and Northrop. None of which want a traitor anywhere near access to government projects. Russian collision allegations against POTUS would be a footnote in history compared to the possibility of senator Chelsea Manning openly colluding for attention.
I've gone back and forth on my opinion of Manning since she first landed in the news. I am convinced that the stiff prison sentence Manning received was inappropriate. If I were sitting in judgment of her, I'd have reduced her in rank and given her a dishonorable discharge and left it at that.

I also understand the counter-argument that does portray her as a whistleblower. I disagree with the value of her leaks however, especially the way she just injudiciously did a document dump. But I also recognize that the government exagerrated the extent of her harm (although real-world Iraqis and Afghans who were working with us were placed in jeopardy by her).

But none of that qualifies her for service in the Senate in my opinion. She should consider herself fortunate to have been released and left it at that.

Beyond that, much as I probably agree with her on most issues, I also recognize that politics is the art of the possible, and that the ability to compromise and strike a deal are hallmark political skills. The problem with politics in this country is that too many people think that's a bad thing. This infection started with the Tea Party and other far-right "principled conservatives." Now it's spreading to the left as well.

Right or not, the fact that Manning is embracing Tea Party-style tactics completely disqualifies her in my view.
Important distinction: Obama did not pardon Manning. Obama commuted her sentence to time served, but her conviction and dishonorable discharge still stand. Neither of those things legally bar her from running or, if elected, serving -- but they will probably be a bit of an impediment to winning a primary race.
After she is utterly smashed at the voting booth, she could come to Seattle and join the cabaret scene. I am sure she would be fawned upon.
@8: “Her.”
I really in good conscience can't vote for someone who is clearly mentally ill.

I mean, such exhausting overuse of emojis is clearly not the sign of a healthy mind.
This is ridiculous. Why run against a solid Democrat who won by 30 points in 2012? Aren’t we Dems supposed to be trying to oust Republicans?

Her cry of “We can fix this” is akin to Trump saying “I alone can fix this.”

She gives NO specifics. Her use of butterfly and smiley emojis on her Twitter feed is nauseating--there were 25 butterflies and rainbows in ONE tweet. I really think that she is “using” the LGBT community as her step to a Senate seat.

And why is she choosing a Senate seat?? Most Democratic women are filing and running for state assemblies and at the most US Rep. We need people with true political experience-not another damned “celebrity” who knows zero about how to construct a logical bill in congress. Who knows how to debate with facts and intelligence. Her comment (with rainbows, unicorns, flowers, and butterflies) says “I have read a 1000 books!” Oh give me a break!

Like SOME Dems wanting Oprah. Oh GOD NO!!

At times this party drives me crazy.
@9 nails it. Nothing Manning released was new or damming. She didn't alert us to a Mai Lai style massacre, she simply released information and videos about known f-ups during combat that are tragic but not unexpected in the fog of war.
Serving time in prison and fighting for trans rights do not translate to skills necessary to be an effective senator.
Hey Slog overlords, can we have a policy against deliberate misgendering and air-quote-gendering? It really doesn't contribute a thing to any conversation.
"... Obama pardoned her in 2017..."

This is a false claim going around the progressive interwebs. You need to get your facts straight. Obama did not pardon Manning. Obama commuted Manning's sentence something akin to a "compassionate release" from prison which in no way absolves Manning of any criminal convictions. A pardon is the legal equivalent of "your conviction never happened."
I like chick's with dicks.

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