Important community service on the horizon.
Important community service on the horizon. Frank FichtmĂĽller/getty

Washington's 2018 primary voters' guide asks every candidate in the state for five things: elected experience, other professional experience, education, community service, and their statement. This booklet—which you've probably already received and recycled—is where every candidate, no matter how much of a longshot they are, has their chance to make their case to voters.

Usually, the good stuff is from the weirdos, like this guy who likes "cigars, riding my Harley across our beautiful state, and our craft beer culture." Or this guy who does not want to win but would very much appreciate a click on his anti-Sound Transit blog.

But this time, let's all turn to incumbent Senator Maria Cantwell's entry.

Washington state 2018 primary voters' guide

On the line about community service, Cantwell's response is: "Maria is an avid hiker and outdoorswoman who has summited Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Grand Teton, Kilimanjaro, and hopes to tackle more of our nation’s highest peaks."


Cantwell is facing 28 challengers, including former GOP Chair Susan "rich people should engage in civil disobedience" Hutchison, far-right Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson, and Freedom Socialist Party candidate Steve Hoffman. She is almost certainly going to win.

In their community service responses, Hutchison cites nonprofit and government involvement, Hoffman cites union work, and Gibson claims he's been "putting my personal safety on the line" with his Patriot Prayer rallies. Perennial anti-minimum wage goon Goodspaceguy did not answer the question.

H/t Sarah Champernowne for noticing Cantwell's response.

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