It is both craven and foolish to compare the Gallagher brothers to Lennon and McCartney. The Beatles ripped their music off directly from the source (i.e., the Everly Brothers and early black soul musicians). Oasis don't even bother doing that: their music has been diluted by at least three generations of lazy, self-congratulatory "artists," and even their lyrics are shoddy half-baked exercises in seeing how many Beatles references they can cram into one line. Anybody spot all the reference points on the cover of Be Here Now, the terminally crappy third album (which even Noel has since admitted isn't very good)? Anyone care? Ringo Starr had it right when he called them "an ELO for the '90s"--except, of course, ELO's tunes are far more memorable. And as for all of Liam's tantrums: strictly second-rate Axl Rose.