THE BIG NEWS in the publishing world is that Bret Easton Ellis will be coming out with a memoir, to be titled Big Zero (Knopf). What follows is an excerpt.

Bret Easton Ellis is the writer of such critically acclaimed novels as Less Than Zero, American Psycho, and Glamorama.

The early reviews of Glamorama came in and they were all positive so my agent called me to give me the news and my Motorola MicroTAC Lite XL bleeped with his call. I'm on my way over to meet my editor at Knopf and I was talking to Oliver Stone who was still thinking about filming American Psycho even though Leonardo DiCaprio had denied in the press that he'd wanted to do it. I'd asked Oliver to hold and clicked over to hear my agent barking at me excitedly about how huge Glamorama was going to be and how he'd already secured me a spot on Charlie Rose for the next week and that Fox was interested in snatching up the rights, so I asked him to hold and clicked the MicroTAC Lite XL back to Oliver and asked him if I could call him back. When I clicked back over to my agent he started shooting dates at me so I told him to hold and rifled through my pockets for my Palm Pilot IV so I could keep track of them all. The Palm Pilot IV had been a present for myself for completing Glamorama, which is something I do whenever I finish a book. For The Informers I'd given myself a Powerbook 800 (I've since upgraded to a G3). For American Psycho I'd bought a Sony Monochrome stereo with five-disc CD changer and bass booster, which had replaced the Philips Magnavox DSP stereo, which had only one CD holster and no bass booster, that I'd purchased after Less Than Zero had been published.

Big Zero will be published by Knopf in January 2000. The film version American Psycho, directed by Mary Harron and starring Christian Bale, Reese Witherspoon, and Willem Dafoe, will be released by Lions Gate Films later this year.