DIAMOND FIST WERNY--It's difficult to categorize this group because the term "alternative" is already taken. Let's just say the songs combine a variety of rhythmic tropes with a little bit of electronica and a whole lot of rock and roll. BumberClub, 5-5:45 pm. GENEVIEVE WILLIAMS

DAMIEN JURADO--Jurado walks a fine line between blurry and brittle. Sometimes he's a defiant punk; other times he's a just a guy quietly wrestling with his emotions out loud. At all times, however, he's a gifted, striking performer. PCC Northwest Court Stage, 6-7:15 pm. KATHLEEN WILSON

BOOM BAP PROJECT--See Bio Box on pg. 16. Real Mainstage, 6-6:45 pm.

DILATED PEOPLES--Most writing on Dilated Peoples is strained (see other Bumbershoot guides) because this group doesn't make itself obvious. Thankfully, Dilated Peoples doesn't have a gimmick; they just know how to "work the angles, sharp and precise," as the chorus of one of their basic and excellent songs goes. Real Mainstage, 7-7:45 pm. brian goedde

JURASSIC 5--Because of the group's cheery and apolitical "old school" rhyme style, J5 has become a white media darling. So, as a white writer at a (mostly) white paper, I'm going to write that Jurassic 5 is almost wonderful. This will be a great show, and at a (mostly) white festival in a (mostly) white city, it will be very well received. Real Mainstage, 8:15-9 pm. brian goedde

MOS DEF--I understand that Mos Def has recently been putting on lame rock shows, but I'm told he's sticking to his tried-and-true rap show at this festival (which I have seen, and it is great). This is a disappointment: I'd love to watch him fuck up the program that pretentiously calls itself "Hip-Hop 101." Real Mainstage, 9:30-10:30 pm. BRIAN GOEDDE

HOG MOLLY--With an album titled Kung Fu Cocktail Grip and a frontman who is none other than Tad Doyle of legendary grunge band Tad, Hog Molly is another fine example of what this region is most famous for: rock. Loud, unpretentious, no puttin' on of airs--just rock. Thank God. BumberClub, 6:15-7 pm. KATHLEEN WILSON

PIZZAZZ!--Last year's PIZZAZZ! was a resounding success, and this year should be no different. With the cream of the crop of Seattle's "talent" showcasing its wares at Bumbershoot, this Stranger talent show will undoubtedly offer something many other Bumbershoot acts are lacking: the element of surprise. Bagley Wright Theatre, 7-9 pm. BRADLEY STEINBACHER

DUSTY 45's--There's something about a live Dusty 45's show: all those cats dressed in vintage swing threads, and some of them can really dance. It seems at first like such a wholesome scene, but Billy Joe Huels and his rockabilly boys keep a sharp, slightly sinister edge to their bravura musicality that makes things ever so interesting. Northwest Airlines Blues Stage, 7:15-8:30 pm. EMILY HALL

BLÖÖDHAG--See Bio Box on pg. 17. BumberClub, 7:30-8:15 pm.

EVA--Although Eva is mostly known for her drum and bass sets, she artfully traverses all genres with cunning and sinew. Wielding the nimblest of fingers, Eva takes the potential energy from audiences and turns it into a kinetic force that fills dance floors, and keeps them full. Flag Pavilion, 7:30-9 pm. FRANK NIETO

ZEKE--The members of "dirty" punk rock band Zeke threatened to "kick [my] ass" when I dissed their last record. By all accounts, though, Zeke does kick ass on stage, proving that the right hands can pull a bracing live show from the simplest material. BumberClub, 8:45-9:45 pm. GRANT COGSWELL

DAVE ALVIN & THE GUILTY MEN--Alvin is by now a grand old man of West Coast punk, coming out of L.A.'s X and the Blasters, and, like his contemporaries, settling back into his musical roots. Alvin is a terrific urban country storyteller, and one of the very few white guys who can pull off that blues-rock stuff. Northwest Airlines Blues Stage, 9-10:30 pm. GRANT COGSWELL

DONALD GLAUDE--Make sure you're ready to dance when you go to see Glaude. This house DJ is excellent: With one eye on the crowd, he makes sure to never play out the songs. This specialty is perfect for working audiences. Flag Pavilion, 9-11 pm. brian goedde

SUPERSUCKERS--Satan informs this Western-touched and exhilarating local punk-metal band prone to booze and the beloved rock and roll gesture. If you're looking for the real rock at this year's Bumbershoot, this is among a handful of acts you unequivocally must attend. BumberClub, 10:15-11:15 pm. JEFF DeROCHE


SPALDING GRAY--Though family life is leading him deeper into a cozy cocoon of domesticity porn, Spalding Gray remains significant. He may not have invented the autobiographical monologue, but he perfected it, creating resonant tapestries of politics, social observation, and personal experience. Opera House, 8-9:30 pm. BRET FETZER

FILM by Sean Nelson

(all films are screened at the Intiman Theatre)

TAKE THIS JOB... --Shorts about work: Happy Mondays, Punk as Fuck, Modern Daydreams, Martha Heine: Tapestry Weaver, Santa's Little Helper. 1-1:45 pm.

HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL--Works created by those who have yet to apply for college. 2-2:45 pm.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: NORTHWEST SHORTS--Brian McDonald's White Face, 52 Tigers on a Ten-Acre Ranch, Just the Place, The Devices of Gustav Braustiche, Shadowgraph, Exinhilo, My Way Is Right, Extra Credit. 4-4:45 pm.

EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK--Karl Krogstad and Janice Findley present enigmatic weirdness. 9:30-11 pm.


SPALDING GRAY--See Readings, Aug 31.

VISUAL ARTby Emily Hall

(all exhibits are on display daily during Bumbershoot)


ART SWAP--Debbi Lester and Tammy Spears asked Northwest artists to submit their tales of bartering art for goods, services, and other art--along with some work to be swapped (with other artists) at the end of the exhibition. Lopez Room.

OBSESSION: SOMEWHERE FOR THE DUST TO CLING--Curator Graham Graham takes another look at the human will to amass things, exhibiting the collections of various artists and ordinary folk. Rainier Room.

SHADOWS OF BHUJ AND MYTHS OF MASCULINITY--Art by Pamela Dharamsey Lee and Richard Miller. Orcas Room.

WITHIN/WITHOUT: CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHS OF CUBA--I'm sure I don't know what's fueled the current boom in Cuban photography, but here's a little survey of it. With work by Cuban and local photographers. Olympic Room, with a talk on Sun Sept 2 at 2 pm.