Exhibit A–Purple, Veined

The golden woman with the BMW keys cascading from the grip of her hand--a hand weekly manicured, even during tragedy--somehow releases her keys altogether and grabs a hot-pink jelly extended G-spot vibe with a ring of roses decorating its base. "Ring around the roses!" she exclaims into the air. "I absolutely love this one," she tells the store clerk.

Her desire, when she discovers and compares the purple, veined, arched vibrating cock known as "The Freshman" with the newly titled "Ring Around the Roses," becomes confused. She attempts to stare her desire into the plastic. Her eyes are nearly black and they are lit inward and outward--to her soul and to the local sex store, respectively.

At the counter, she says lightly, "I want to be a whore." She sighs. "There's a war on, and it's time for all of us unofficial whores to become official." The store clerk laughs perfunctorily.

She's settled on the veined purple cock with variable speed. "Oh, and I want this!" she says just as the clerk takes her money, and grabs from the bookshelf Turning Pro, a recently published guide on how to have a respectable sex career.

Exhibit B–Weak Spot, Dolphin Cock Ring

When asked for his ID, the customer garnishes a military card. His total comes to $132, because he has selected one vibrating pink dolphin cock ring, one dark blue waterproof pocket rocket, two packs of batteries, a couple of silicone lube trial vials, some condoms, and one miniature