Certain problematic words and phrases may appear in the course of SIFF Notes, or may be overheard while waiting in line for a SIFF film. The following is a handy guide to help viewers decipher them.

Anime: Japanese term, translates loosely as "fetishize the sexuality of cartoon schoolgirls."

Auteur: French for "pretentious control freak."

Autobiographical: Confessional, irrelevant. (See also "Indulgent.")

Award-winning: Synonym for "I couldn't think of an adjective that describes this film."

Breathtaking: Large or fast.

Celebrated: (See "Award-winning.")

Compelling: Didactic.

Conventional: Formally competent; respectful of its audience; based on classic principles of structure and behavior. Antonym for "Postmodern."

Courageous: 1. A female performance involving nudity or sweatpants. 2. A male performance involving bigotry, retardation, or a mustache.

Critically acclaimed: (See "Celebrated.")

Decadent: Possessed of a healthy appetite for food, sex, or production design.

Epic: Offensively long. (See also "Important.")

Heartfelt: Nauseatingly sincere.

Heartwarming: Sincerely nauseating.

Hollywood Renaissance: Made in 1970s, ethnic, violent.

Important: Self-important.

Indulgent: The fundamental condition of all art.

Intoxicating: Manipulative.

Kinetic: As in "kinetic camerawork"; overcompensating for a lack of meaningful material in script. (See also "Oliver Stone.")

Luminous: Overlit.

Lynchian: Incoherent; often involving lesbian sex or the suggestion of some.

Neo-realism: A school of filmmaking that relies on not owning a tripod.

New Wave (British): Features well-dressed, mostly silent men with guns, cockney accents, and homosexual tendencies barely concealed by their violent nature.

New Wave (French): Features well-dressed, incredibly talkative young men with cigarettes, incredibly foxy girlfriends, and socialist tendencies belied by their indolent nature.

Noteworthy: (See "Critically acclaimed.")

Oeuvre: French for "egg."

Pastiche: A combination of elements recontextualized from other sources. (See also "Plagiarism.")

Peerless: (See "Noteworthy.")

Postmodern: Free to be meaningless; liberated from the strictures of quality and reason.

Semiautobiographical: Autobiographical.

Sensuality: Nudity, preferably involving two or more women at once.

Tender: Gay. (See also "Identity.")

Urban: Black. (See also "Gritty.")

Wellesian: Fat.