SUICIDE LOT Next to the Adobe Systems building, and beneath the iron structure of the Aurora Bridge--aka "Suicide Span," "Jumper's Bridge," "Fremont Falls"--is a parking lot that has a gruesome history: It's the bull's-eye for jumpers who want the world to see and be disturbed by the graphic mess of their exit. Most people who jump from the Aurora Bridge are kind enough to aim for the water, but there are those who say "fuck you" to humanity and aim for the unforgiving concrete of this small parking lot. Here is a description by Officer K. Jones of a "dry jump" (as they are called) that occurred three years ago: "The victim sustained trauma to his entire body, including severe head injury. I observed the victim motionless lying face down in the north parking lot of Adobe Systems. The parking lot underneath the Aurora Bridge. Blood was coming from his head. I felt no pulse on the right wrist." Even my sister, who knew nothing about the parking lot's deadly function, was spooked by the mere sight of it when we visited recently. You could feel the evil energy; the sick sense that at any moment you would hear and see the final splat. CHARLES MUDEDE