Pullout Oct 14, 2004 at 4:00 am

A Poet of Excess and Expansion


i have just read this: You must tape your throat to the air and induce it to sing (from; The poem searches for some alternatives to Rabies) and: the worst thing in the world is to feel one has to hide ones feelings. this is not warmth. this is servitude. (same poem) I can go on and on.. . Ok, One more, same poem....It is gleeful to perch on a telephone wire. Do that.

To try and find one line to explain what these poems feel like to where is absurd really, laughable, and yet so much fun. If I don't stop myself I will quote the whole thing in its entirety because "it" knows it and there is mischief there.

Thank you Mr. Olson for your poetry and thank you to this magazine for giving the rest of us a glimpse of what alien has jumped into our rooms and spoken to us so directly in a language we never knew we spoke.
(haha)... typo alert .... I meant wear (as in clothes) not where as in (place).

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