Bumbershoot is war, son. Protect ya neck. Three days, 19 stages, more than 200 performers—one supreme festival. It's a puzzle of divine mathematics, a chessboard of cosmic proportions. To master the game, you need knowledge and wisdom. You need strategy and skill. You need a guide.

The pullout you hold in your hands is a complete biography and total philosophy of the 2007 Bumbershoot Festival. Every important aspect of the festival is touched on here, including profiles of performers, an exhaustive schedule with recommended events, and funnel cake—but to the true student, this guide is only a doorway to a fuller understanding. Sample the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding—or read the guide straight through. This is a path, not the destination.

Do not overlook The Stranger's online Bumbershoot guide (www.thestranger.com/bumbershoot), where you'll find constantly updated information and customizable schedules.

For those who seek, Bumbershoot 2007 awaits. Let the saga begin.