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The Baffling Decline of Alt Rock's Most Lovable Nerds

Sean Murphy


I was 20 when the first album came out and it was the reason I broke my "only indy bands will get my support" rule. Believe me, it was important at the time. I loved their first two albums, but, like the author, could muster no further intrest. In my opinion, the departure of bassist Matt Sharp after Pinkerton had a good deal to do with the decline.
The Abused-by-Weezer support group meets on Thursdays at the Y.
The lab coats were part of the soda spoof.

Also, I believe that Sidney the dog was not photoshopped in that photo (originally printed in National Geographic) but mos def was in these:

God, I feel sorry for Weezer. Any band with enough talent to put out stuff like Say It Ain't So (which blew my fucking mind so much that for months after finding it I played it daily, it's still just such a damn good song) can fall so low as to make Pork & Beans. I was expecting to be pissed at the author for this one, but Grandy hits the nail on the head. Now it's more of a coin toss between Weezer and the Dandy Warhols for Sunday night.
WTF R U talkin' about. weezer died in 1994
Hey Eric - Weezer was great on Sunday night. Probably the best band I saw at bumpershoot this year. Based on crowd response, seems as though they still know how to put on a great show. Hope your article didn't scare people away!
I guess you can't write 'Say It Ain't So' 322 times. People grow. If you want to hear the same stuff listen to your Dookie CD over and over again, which you probably do.
Photoshopped dog on Raditude? Except that it isn't.
The Raditude dog was not Photoshopped. That was a legitimate picture of the canine in action.
Ha ha Weezer fans are hilarious! They spend their days bitching about the last decade plus, wishing that their idols would make an album just like the one they bitched about the most when it came out - Pinkerton. Rivers Cuomo has been fucking with them ever since and they've been getting what they deserve.......the hilarious part is they keep taking it!
I personally found favourite songs on all of their albums, and honestly didn't see such a decline in their music after Pinkerton. And I disagree with whoever said they could 'fall so low as to make Pork & Beans' as its one of my favourite songs by them!

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