Smoking pot for your health is a convoluted concept. The medicinal benefits of cannabis are undeniable, as are the detrimental effects of smoking. One remedy to this conundrum: the wide world of THC-spiked edibles, which runs the savory-sweet continuum and is limited only by the imagination of the chef and the laws of physics. Here is a short, noncomprehensive, yet still almost overwhelming list of THC-enhanced edibles on offer at Seattle-area dispensaries:

Jolly Ranchers • Goldfish crackers • Chex Mix • caramels • microwavable popcorn • honey • kettle corn • fudge • cookies • cupcakes • butter • olive oil • marinara sauce • lasagna • meatballs • manicotti • truffles • Rice Krispies treats

Fair warning to those new to eating pot: The effects are longer-lasting than when smoked, and the high is often less "head-y" and more "body-ish."

Said one first-time consumer of edible medicals: "The first time I took it, I didn't think it was working. But half an hour later, I stood up to pee and it felt like the entire atmosphere crashed down on my head and I was really dizzy. My advice if you really freak out is to put on cartoons."

Bonus fair warning: Munchies exist, and they should not be remedied with more THC-enhanced edibles, no matter how delicious they may be. (And many are completely delicious.) Medicine is medicine, munchie-vanquishers are munchie-vanquishers, and never the two shall meet. recommended