We queers have an awful lot in common—the coming out experience, pushing back against gender norms, encounters with discrimination and hatred—but we also have our differences. We have differing life experiences, different perspectives, and differences of opinion—sometimes strong differences of opinion. Those differences can get lost in the collective fight for queer rights. So for this year's Queer Issue we've invited writers to sound off about factions in the queer community that are fucking up—to look at their comrades and say, "You're doing it wrong." Andrew Sullivan has some choice words for HRC, Alice Dreger has some choice words for trans advocates (where genderqueer children are concerned), Solomon Georgio has some choice words for racist queers, Dan Savage has some choice words for closeted bisexuals, Bree McKenna has some choice words for sexist queers, and TV critic Hank Stuever has some things to get off his chest about Glee. Plus, David Schmader on the scariest new way to be a homophobe, Eli Sanders on why it's stupid to boycott straight weddings, Christopher Frizzelle's advice for queers who love sleeping with straight people, and an anonymous college professor's pointers for horny undergrads looking to seduce (and maybe even fall in love with) their favorite faculty member. recommended