IT WAS A SOUND THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. Who'll ever forget where they were the first time they heard it? The choirboy harmonies wafting in to instill instant memory bliss... Then the beat, a heavenly shuffle, with ethereal bells tinkling in the distance... Finally, like London fog rolling incongruously but gorgeously over an arctic ice floe, the rhythm guitar of Spandau Ballet, its familiar, teasing syncopation leading not into the New Romantic classic "True" but into another world altogether... a world of endless glissandos and rainbow serenades, of paisley tunics and granny glasses, of heterosexual effeminacy and "Baby, you send me..." This was "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss," the first single off Of the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross, and the world's first taste of the fruits of the Cordes brothers, Attrell (known as Prince Be the Nocturnal) and Jarrett (JC the Eternal). It was the dawn of P.M. Dawn, and nevermind what the sentimental historians tell you: 1991 was the year of the Utopian Experience, and here's our 20-year anniversary celebration of a game-changing hiphop classic. recommended