We the people of Occupy Seattle (we the people of Occupy Seattle), meeting in general assembly (meeting in general assembly), consistent with our democratic principles (consistent with our democratic principles), and with the full consideration (and with the full consideration) and participation (and participation) of all our members (of all our members), would like to respond to complaints (would like to respond to complaints) from both within our movement (from both within our movement) and from outside observers (and from outside observers) that our uncompromising and inflexible embrace (that our uncompromising and inflexible embrace) of symbolically democratic parliamentary procedures (of symbolically democratic parliamentary procedures), like the general assembly and the people's mic (like the general assembly and the people's mic), has inevitably led to both organizational gridlock (has inevitably led to both organizational gridlock) and stultifyingly long run-on sentences (and stultifyingly long run-on sentences), by proposing (by proposing) that we unanimously consider (that we unanimously consider) issuing a list (issuing a list) of regrets (of regrets). [Editor's note: Owing to the restrictions of time and space, we were unable to publish the rest of Occupy Seattle's statement.] recommended