This year, while all of those music types are down at South by Southwest vomiting Tex-Mex and copulating (in that order), we thought we'd shine a little light on just how these people operate. How do musicians make a living, anyway? How do musicians who've figured out a way to make a living not become total pricks? How do bandmates resist the urge to slaughter each other when they're on the road together? How do bands get shows booked, and once they've recorded something, how do they get it on the radio? And most importantly, what do everyone else's practice spaces look like?

In this issue, Lars Finberg writes about the crummy side jobs musicians have to hold down, Emily Nokes writes about the nut jobs you encounter when you're out on the road, Erik Blood gives some advice about producing and mixing your records, KEXP's Kevin Cole and 107.7 the End's Andrew Harms explain how folks can best try to get their music on the radio, Drunk of the Week photographer Kelly O explains to bands and fans how (not) to get drunk at rock shows, Melissa Darby and Hunter Motto explain how booking a show works, Grammy Award– winner and non-asshole Ishmael Butler (Digable Planets, Shabazz Palaces) talks about how to win a Grammy without becoming an asshole, and Bree McKenna walks in on three bands in their practice spaces, asks a bunch of prying questions, and encounters a "mucus wall." Enjoy the mucus! recommended