There is nothing like being stoned and sitting on a bench with a commanding view of your city. It is a match made in heaven: your head buzzing with the buzz of traffic, ferries entering and exiting the bay, planes descending and ascending, clouds drifting above skyscrapers, great white birds circling the sky. Seattle is a wonderland. Here are some great benches around town that will provide the kind of views that are enhanced by sinsemilla.

Dr. Jose Rizal Park, 1008 12th Ave S (Beacon Hill)

I recommend visiting the benches in this park during spring, which happens to be happening right now. This Beacon Hill park has a popular view of our administrative and financial core. You can also see Harbor Island and imagine all of the goods that are being unloaded from cargo ships—sneakers, cell phones, pet food, illegal immigrants.

Louisa Boren Park, 15th Ave E and E Olin Place (Capitol Hill)

In summer, the benches here have a view that gives you the impression that you are living in the middle of nowhere. Looking out over Interlaken Park, out to Lake Washington, it's easy to imagine that you live in a place with a population of 60 rather than 600,000. You even expect to see a bear walking out of the woods. People have seen coyotes in these parts.

31st Ave S and S Atlantic St (Mount Baker)

Right next to a building that houses A La Bonne Franquette, there is a small area that has a few benches that enjoy a splendid view of a valley of Mount Baker homes, Beacon Hill, the gateway to Rainier Valley, the Central District, and the back of downtown Seattle. What you will get on this bench is a cosmic sense of the all-at-once. You will also feel like a king/queen enjoying the sight of his/her kingdom. If the pot is powerful enough, you will also imagine that the Pacific Tower is your palace.

Magnolia Park, 1461 Magnolia Blvd W (Magnolia)

The benches and picnic tables here (a park on a bluff) have the most magical view: the bay, the ferries, the beaches of West Seattle, the northern face of downtown, and the Olympic Mountains in the east. The park has a fairy-tale bathroom and also some very sexy trees.

Ballard Locks, 3015 NW 54th St (Ballard)

There isn't much of view here, but there are lots of boats that go this way and that, and there are people on those boats. And people are always more interesting when you are stoned. recommended