We are still shocked that Ezra Klein (of the NYT and the Ezra Klein Show) agreed to come on our smutty little podcast.

They talked about Ezra’s time as a monogamous straight man embedded in San Fransisco’s polyamorous culture. They compare the current NYC hipster version of the poly scene to San Fransisco’s meld of tech bros and hippies. And they talk about how the nuclear family is failing as a functional support system. Some of this great convo is on the Micro, and the whole thing is on the Magnum. Tuck in.

Also on this week’s show: When a man and his boyfriend go to the gym in their conservative town, he notices that they both “butch up” and quit acting like a couple. How can they learn to act naturally in scary straight spaces?

And, just because you openly embrace ethical nonmonogamy doesn’t mean you should talk about all your other girlfriends on the first date, right?