Queer Feb 9, 2024 at 2:15 pm

Floyd McIssac Opened the Wallingford Bar 35 Years Ago to Offer Something Different to Seattle's Queer Community

"I could care less what you look like, I could care less if you're a male or female, I want to treat every person as an individual so they felt welcome; they felt special." JP Martin Photography



Great interview! Things are shifting in Wallingford. I hope Changes can hang on.


Doug dear, I was over there just the other day to buy some lamp parts. I had no idea that the Guild 45 was gone.


I love Changes. Enjoyed many a post-game beer and burger there. And they do a great job of making everyone feel welcome. Happy birthday Changes and Floyd!


"Floyd McIssac still worked at Sears when he opened Changes, Seattle’s longest continuously operated gay bar (sic?) in Wallingford (sic?) 35 years ago."

So is it "Seattle’s longest continuously operated gay bar" or is it "Seattle’s longest continuously operated gay bar in Wallingford!?" "Is there an editor in the house?!"


@2: I’m amazed the Guild 45th lasted for as long as it did. Damp, cramped, old equipment— it was literally my movie theater of last resort in Seattle. To compensate, always had dinner in Wallingford before a movie there, and pints at Murphy’s after.

God I miss the ‘90s in Seattle…

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