White nationalism: Not just for small town America. This sticker was found in Wallingford.
White nationalism: Not just for small town America. Walter McGerry

The above photo wasn't taken in Bumblefuck, Washington. It was snapped in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, a charming little place west of the mostly liberal University of Washington.

A sticker reading, "'Diversity' is just a code word for white genocide" was slapped onto a photo of female rapper Lizzo, an outspoken body positivity advocate and social justice activist who is confident and comfortable in her Blackness. The sticker covers her mouth, symbolically silencing her.

Granted, diversity is an ambiguous word, one that's become "so watered down to mean anything you can think about," Seattle City Council Member Lorena González says in "Under Our Skin," a video series by The Seattle Times that explores race.

In this instance, however, diversity's meaning is clear: anyone who isn't white isn't welcome.

Although this sticker appears on the eve of swearing in a racist xenophobe as president and during a time when Seattle is getting more white while the rest of the state becomes more diverse, its message couldn't be further from the truth.

Report hateful shit like this and fight against it.