Post-punk, minimal/cold wave, no wave, and other eccentric musical styles from the '80s have been enjoying a resurgence in Seattle's nightlife scene over the last few years. The monthly night Aesthetic Mess and False Prophet have been leading the charge in clubs for those genres, while bands like VATS, Nail Polish, Stickers, and Roladex have been keeping the legacy of post-punk and minimal wave vital, as well. Hollow Earth Radio's been doing its part on that front, too, with Stranger freelancer Brittnie Fuller's The Secret Meaning of Things show streaming every Friday from 2 pm-4 pm. Fuller digs deeply within those aforementioned styles and mixes them up within each program to keep things fresh. Her last show, for example, includes songs by Yellow Magic Orchestra synth genius Haruomi Hosono, ex-Fall guitarist Marc Riley's group, the Creepers, Danish post-punks Sort Sol, Japanese Dada-pop mavericks Wha-ha-ha, and German mutant-disco artist Gina X Performance. Many of the acts that appear on Fuller's setlists may leave even the most obsessive record collectors scratching their heads—and that's a good thing. There's a hell of a lot of sonic enlightenment going on during her two-hour slots, and it's worth the time investment to check in every week. Luckily, if you miss one, Fuller archives her shows on her Tumblr.

Info on the next Aesthetic Mess and False Prophets events can be found here and here, respectively.