Hell yes, we've been Indoctrinated: 'I'm Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas' is right at the heart of the Patriarchy's every movement.

You can have Jesus, or Christianity.
Not both, apparently.

Time to watch the brilliant documentary, "The Life of Brian" again...

Happy BIRTHDAY, White Jesus!



Sorry about your friend, Fried Friendly.

He got shitty/abysmal medical care* whilst incarcerated, too?


*FORTY MILLION un- and under-insured American Citizens, right here in the exact same fucking Boat. Imagine that -- in the Richest Country in the History of this Planet. Kinda makes you wonder, don't it?

WWJDo, indeed.


Nevertheless, Merry Christmas Charles.


Oh, Merry Christmas Seattle! Only in my spineless hometown would this piece of abuse get published on Christmas Day (and I'm Jewish, I've got no skin in this game, but really). Liberal white guilt is one hell of a force. Mudede's points, and the factual information he shares, are sound and right-on. The conclusions he draws, and his way of expressing them, are broad, violent, reckless and hateful. We must denounce white supremacy. We must denounce this administration. We must denounce human rights abuses at the border. We must denounce hate, violence and division--this article only helps proliferate it further.


"They let you..."


You’re welcome.


German “slaughter the Russians” Sausage tsk-tsking Jewry on Christmas Day.

Fucking rich.



You have proven time after time to be the 2nd biggest racist on this site, after Mudede of course.


White Christian Americans will hand control of our nation over to the whims of an authoritarian dictator, happily allowing America’s supposed legitimate claim to freedom and democracy languish, because, “Russians are white, so how bad could they be?” They would sing a different tune if a nation of brown people were doing that shit.

White Christian Americans also think a father who wanted to give his child a better life deserves to have that child die on Christmas for it. Because the dad and his son are not white.

To White Christian Americans, if children wanted to be thought of as deserving to live, they should have been born white.



We have a dictator?


what a lovely thread.

charles, jimmy carter is a white christian, so #notallchristians.


When you ban someone for saying “may the best man win” and call it racism, the ball is in your court.

I generally get banned when I want to, but I like this moniker.

I quit the space station, and I’ve literally been Africanized. Like literally. Africanized.

Pretty sure I’ve broken 100k for the first time this year, and, well, I’m not the one calling for gulags, am I pal?

I’ve spent time in inner Los Angeles, inner New York, I’ve wandered around the middle fucking East all by my lonesome, and, well, see above.

You call it racism, but I’m just woke, my wayward bastard.

I prefer “mad”, thank you.

Merry fucking Christmas, Nazi.



You calling someone else mentally ill is a post more befitting April Fools Day instead of Christmas.

Keep up the hate!



I’m thinking Israeli Jews don’t read the Bible much

You should get your bigotry straight next time.


Slog commentators like these on Christmas are horrible people. I'm glad I don't have to associate with any of you. And that starts with Charles right down to comment #19


@20 agreed this thread is making the baby Jesus cry.



Thanks for the Reminder!


Kudos to you for slogging thru Chaz AND
19 horrible sloggy comments to let us know
we're horrible people. On Christmas.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


The Ring of Gyges wouldn't do you any good. People can still hear you and they can feel you if you touch them. They can also see your footprints if you walk through mud, sand, or snow. Invisible does not equal inaudible or intangible.


@25 actually Israel claims ownership due to the Torah. Christians equate the Torah with the Old Testament, but they really aren't the same. But lets not quibble.

American Evangelical Christians have a hard-on for supporting Israel because they really really really want to bring about the End Of Times. I.E. blow the whole earth up. Hang out with them sometime it is really strange when you just ask them open ended questions about their beliefs. They'll tell you with out really understanding they are saying, they want to blow the whole thing up. The idea of the "rapture" just gives them a hard-on (which I guess makes sense, in some twisted way).

But I always thought the "Son of God became the Son of Man, so that Men could become the Sons of God." or something like that.


I'm with Charles. Present 'moral' outrage equates to shaking feathers at the sky.


Charles seems to always start out with a compelling and interesting premise as a topic. One of those premises is his anger - justified and sound. Then comes the provocation to test the reader's convictions, demographics, and more definitively racial views. Fine.

Then come the comments. Those whom equivocate the scale or volume of Charles's postulations (they see as extrapolations), or question the details, are castigated as racists, nazis, or deniers. This is unfortunate because the academic aspects of an interesting debate are squelched by the polarization of heated and unpleasant comments.


I get the point of this article, and I understand it had to be extrapolated to make an entire article. But, as any black, post 2nd generation asian, native, mixed race or non-cuban latino could have said in one sentence: White Americans want to maintain their majority and power in America. Conservative white americans see russians who never set foot in the US as more "American" as a 3rd generation mexican american family in the southwest.

The saying used to be "Its the economy stupid". Now its "Its Race, stupid...and it always was".


White evangelicals have never cared about Jesus' word - they just like using him as a political prop. They also love projection which is why they both rant and are so transparently jealous about sharia law.


This thread gives us a good window as to who spent their holiday bitter and alone.


"I do not like white people. And I hate rednecks. That means I am enjoying this shit." ~ Reggie Hammond.


You all know perfectly well that Chas is 100% correct.
Christianity is a buffer tool that Caucasians have historically used to triangulate and protect their bigoted way of life. They pepper it with the cultural trappings of the day to make it smell nice, of course.


@30 Wow, you must smell terrible.


I like how now, in 2018, the peak in anti-racism is to reduce minorities into "brown boys" or "black bodies" as if there isn't a person in that animated flesh sack. Charles is going to hit us with the "Final Solution to Inequality" soon enough.


25 the guy spewing out hate against Jews(based on some a mistaken assumption about the bible..more hate) turns arounds and asks how long someone else has been a white supremacist? huh?

you cant make this stuff Are you and GermanSausage related? Kissing cousins perhaps?


37: Correct, the Bible specifically says that ONLY Jews must hate the Jews.


@15 -- #notallchristians

This ^^^ is very Important to remember.

I'm guessing that those who Live the Word
greatly outnumber those who Use the Word.

But, like most things human, we tend to focus
on those making the most Noise.

Including the noisemakers making Policy.


@11: Bring the NHL to Seattle? Is that you hiding under a new hashtag? No avatar this time? Are you afraid to show your face?
@15 Max Solomon: Thank you and bless you for pointing that out, Max!
@30 KKK Middleman: STFU, you pathetic racist turdblossom!
@31 Pridge Wessea and @34 Zapotec: Agreed and seconded. Well said.
@35 FAN-tastic (re @30): I know, right?
@39 kristofarian: Au contraire, mon ami ! I, Auntie Grizelda, have made a conscientious point to avoid Twitter at all costs BECAUSE of the Gropefuhrer-in-Chief. I don't even buy newspapers anymore, either, ever since the Blethens clan sold themselves out by stupidly endorsing Dino Rossi for the 8th Congressional District in The Seattle Times (Go, Dr. Kim Schrier, GO!).



And the U.S.of A. claims ownership of other people's land due to the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

Your point, if you even have one, arises from ignorance, stupidity, and/or bigotry, and may be dismissed summarily.

Go. Home.


Thanks, Charles, for some good ol' fashioned Christmas hate speech!


"This thread gives us a good window as to who spent their holiday
bitter and alone." @Teddy #32

“Even for a president accustomed to firing at foes on social media, Monday’s [Merry Christmas Day's] cascade of angry tweets on a day when many Americans were celebrating the season with their families was extraordinary. The rapid-fire missives painted the portrait of an isolated leader nursing a deep sense of injury.” --Phil Rucker @WaPo

Get Call, Teddy. Thanks!


@43: That'd be 'Great.'


Did anyone else read @32 and just start to laugh?

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