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Not a wedding cake. A birthday cake:

It certainly wasn't the text message Candice Lowe was expecting to get on her honeymoon. She says it came from the owner of a local bakery, canceling the order for her wife's birthday cake. Lowe says, "after she saw my Facebook page, she found out that I was in a same-sex marriage and she could not do my cake." ... The couple was just married two weeks ago and are still on cloud nine after celebrating with their son, family and friends. But that all came crashing down. In some ways, they say, it's like taking two steps back. "It wasn't a wedding cake, it was just a birthday cake [for my wife, Amanda]," Candice said. "A birthday cake has nothing to do with your sexual preference."

Religious conservatives have been aggressively pushing for laws that would legalize discrimination against same-sex couples. They insist they need these hateful carve-outs—they need a special right to discriminate—because otherwise they will be compelled to participate in same-sex weddings, this is contrary to their "sincerely held religious beliefs" forbid, Jesus will have a sad, they will go to hell, etc. But it's not just our weddings they object to—it's our existence. Refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding says, "I don't think you people should be able to celebrate or solemnize your relationships because same-sex marriage is a sin." Refusing to bake a birthday cake for a lesbian says, "I don't think your birth is something to celebrate because the world would be better off if you didn't exist."

Welcome to America — where bigoted bakers do background checks to avoid selling cakes to lesbians (because Jesus) but we don't require merchants at gun shows to do background checks to avoid selling weapons of war to crazed terrorists, abusive spouses, and the mentally ill (because freedom).