Rookies is a Columbia City bar with 12 flat-screen TVs showing an extensive variety of sporting events, plus an entrance carpeted with enough Astroturf that you could probably play certain sports on it.

Do you feel delinquent drinking in a room with a floor salvaged from a high-school gym?

No, it has good energy. Think of how many kids ran around on it having a great time and how many parents were excited to watch their games.

Your website says that your bartenders "like a challenge." Gotten any impressive cocktail requests?

People mostly order whiskey Cokes and vodka tonics. But a guy came in who wanted a burger with about nine extra ingredients, and we said sure. He took a picture of it!

Your bar was formerly a lane in a bowling alley. Have any overly enthusiastic or intoxicated patrons slid down it like bowling balls?

[Laughs] No, but people have tried to slide their beers across it. The weirdest thing someone has done here—well, it was my idea to put a TV above the urinal—a friend of mine walked into the bathroom, and a guy was standing back about four feet to pee.

Are the Slim Jims in your Bloody Marys meant to provide extra protein to promote athleticism?

Absolutely! They have bacon salt around the rims, too. recommended