George Coromilas
Co-owner of Fatty's Corner Pizzeria
10410A Greenwood Ave N, 297-8090

So "Fatty" is not a real person, but a drawing. How did you invent the character?

Look at Tom [co-owner Tom Miltenberger] and look at me. That's Fatty, a combination of me and Tom. We wanted to create a character who's fun and approachable. My friend Jim did the drawing.

You worked in New York pizzerias for years. What made you want to open your own?

I've lived in Seattle for five years, and I got tired of taking chances with pizza places I find out about from flyers in the mail. A lot of places call themselves pizzerias when their pizza is actually made on a conveyor belt. Tom and I don't need to cover our sauce and dough with awkward, strange toppings. People come in and say, "Thanks for keeping it simple."

Are garlic knots what I think they are?

We tie our dough in a knot and then bake it with some special ingredients, cheese, and garlic. Basically, if a garlic knot met garlic bread and bread sticks in an alley, it would kick the shit out of both of them. But it would have some respect for garlic bread, its own predecessor.

You also sell sandwiches. Is a bomber different than a grinder?

A certain chain of sandwich restaurants has a location in this complex, so it's in the lease that we can't make submarine sandwiches. We looked through the dictionary for words meaning "sandwich" that aren't prohibited by the lease, and we thought "bomber" sounded good. We have a meatball bomber that's amazing. recommended