Kate’s is a Goldilocks (read: juuuust right) place to hang out in Wallingford—just far enough away from the centers of both Fremont and the U-District to be mostly bro-free (a godsend for noncollegiate North Enders). It’s cozy and dark, with Kates on the wall (Moss, Hepburn), a bartender efficient enough to be both bar- and waitstaff for the whole room, and a happy hour that’ll make you a regular. Here’s why: Beer and wells are $3, and the food is half off, which makes Kate’s delicious burger a $5 hamburger (or gardenburger) with anything and everything you want on it. Seriously, the list is long and awesome: bacon, a fried egg, avocado, all three of them—still $5. Go now. (Kate’s Pub, 309 NE 45th St, 547-6832, 4–7 pm)