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c.c. Attle - 1501 E. Madison; 726-0565
crowded, comfortable veranda with wooden benches and tables. pinball machine, one mirrored wall (?!). full bar; drink specials, like: Cuervo margaritas on tap (?!)
Man Ray - 514 E. Pine; 568-0750
big, beautiful, oh so modern garden out back. very urban, very civilized. full bar; lengthy martini list.
Linda’s - 707 E. Pine; 325-1220
popular spot for young hipsters. looks like a party in someone’s basement, somehow, only outside. full bar.
Capitol Club - 414 E. Pine; 325-2149
smallish terrace adjoining the swanky, comfy upstairs bar. very nice. full bar.
Rosebud - 719 E. Pike; 323-6636
sweeeet garden patio with hanging plants and a sloping plot of lawn. super-pleasant. full bar.
Bill’s Off Broadway - 725 E. Pine; 323-7200
"that pizza place" now has fenced-in sidewalk seating. full bar; cheap drink specials. Garage - 1130 Broadway; 322-2296
roomy walled-in area in front of the entrance; tables with umbrellas, and a porcelain bathtub full of mint. full bar.
Cafe Septième - 214 Broadway E.; 860-8858
see and be seen! sidewalk seating right on Broadway. social-urban-cocktail-bliss. full bar.

Jade Pagoda - 606 Broadway E.; 322-5900
cozy garden nestled between the buildings, with trees, flowers, tiki torches. outdoor area becomes part of the bar after 10pm. full bar.
Roanoke Tavern - 2409 10th Ave. E.; 324-5882
big, multi-level deck out back, with two ping pong tables. beer/wine.
Cassis Bistro - 2359 10th Ave. E.; 329-0580
charming veranda with potted plants and tableclothed tables. full bar.

Bluwater Bistro - 1001 Fairview N.; 447-0769
fenced-in patio right on Lake Union, outdoor bar. yuppie but the drinks are fwesh. full bar.
Bridges - 2947 Eastlake E.; 320-0785
huge!! deck, with a gorgeous view of Lake Union. niice. full bar.
Azteca - 1823 Eastlake E.; 324-4941
pretty big deck on the parking lot. you can sort of see the Space Needle through the trees. full bar.
Red Door - 3401 Fremont Ave. N.; 547-7521
good-sized deck out back, plastic tables and chairs, very "neighborhood pub." looks out on that big parking lot where there’s the Outdoor Cinema and flea market and whatnot. beer/wine.
The Dubliner - 3405 Fremont Ave. N.; 548-1508
"sun deck" is smaller than the Red Door’s but same crusty feel, same parking lot view. beer/wine.
Ballroom - 456 N. 36th; 634-2575
cool new high-ceilinged joint with 9 pool tables inside; fenced-in sidewalk seating area out front with metal tables and chairs. beer/wine.
The George & Dragon Pub - 206 N. 36th; 545-6864
Icky English pub with wooden benches on a patio by the parking lot. beer/wine.
Nickerson Street Saloon - 318 Nickerson; 284-8819
big patio right on that huge intersection just south of the Fremont bridge. eh. full bar.
Dexter & Hayes - 1628 Dexter Ave. N.; 283-7786
totally like you’re at someone’s backyard party. grassy lawn, flower/vegetable garden, tiki torches. way friendly, way casual. full bar (strong drinks!).
Cloud Room - The Camlin, 1619 - 9th Ave.; 682-0100
urban bliss: cocktails on a rooftop deck. so the drinks are pricey, so what? it’s lovely up there. full bar.
Virginia Inn - 1937 - 1st Ave.; 728-1937
popular spot. wrought iron fencing around a few tables on the sidewalk. full bar.
The Pink Door - 1919 Post Alley; 443-3241
lovely wooden deck with colored lights and flowers. watch the ferries mosey across the Sound. dependably pleasant, though you might have to wait for a table. full bar.
2nd Ave. between Blanchard and Bell is like a big block party when summer’s on! All these places have sidewalk seating:
Mama’s Mexican Kitchen - 2234 - 2nd Ave.; 728-6262
everyone’s *favorite* destination for cheap margaritas. full bar.
Noodle Ranch - 2228 - 2nd Ave.; 728-0463
canvas enclosure, awning. beer, wine, sake.
Lava Lounge - 2226 - 2nd Ave.; 441-5660
low-key; whoop it up with yer pals, or scribble lonely drunken poems in a notebook. beer/wine.
Crocodile - 2200 - 2nd Ave.; 448-2114
bamboo/thatch enclosure. full bar.
La Fontana Ristorante - 120 Blanchard; 441-1045
an oasis across 2nd Ave.- sweet little courtyard adjoining a teensy Italian restaurant. sip a glass of shmancy wine and throw lire into the fountain. beer/wine.
Two Bells - 2313 - 4th Ave.; 441-3050
pleasant enough beer garden out back, with metal patio tables and chairs. beer/wine.
Zak’s 5th Ave. Saloon - 206 - 5th Ave. N.; 448-0961
"pool, darts, pull tabs, patio" - this scary, high-testosterone bar has a beer ad-covered patio with a couple of plastic tables and - a basketball hoop! beer/wine.
1st Ave between Jackson and Cherry is outdoor drankin’ incarnate. Get there during the sunny hours and deal with the tourists; nighttime brings the frat boys and black nylons girls - always dismaying.
Central - 207 - 1st Ave. S; 622-0209; full bar.
J&M - 201 - 1st Ave. S; 292-0663; full bar.
Old Timer’s - 620 - 1st Ave.; 623-9800; full bar.
Pioneer Square Saloon - 77 Yesler Wy; 628-6444; beer/wine.
The Bookstore - 1007 1st Ave.; 382-1506
north of the pioneer square scene. nice, elegant bar at the Alexis Hotel with several glass tables on the sidewalk. the most expensive martini I’ve ever had (it was okay). full bar.
Ray’s Boathouse - 6049 Seaview NW; 789-3770
huge, comfy, nautical-feeling deck right on the water, with a view of Bainbridge Island. expect to hear ringing cell phones. as always, a good place to bring your parents. full bar.
Azteca - 6017 Seaview NW; 789-7373
right next to Ray’s. same view (well - plus a view of Ray’s). full bar.
Ballard Bait N’ Tackle - 5517 Seaview NW; 297-9109
small, unassuming cafe with a deck on the water and live jazz on weekend evenings. beer/wine.
Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club - 1303 NE Boat St.; 545-8750
cafe/house with canopied back porch over Lake Union. very pleasant and quiet. huge, tasty margaritas. beer/wine/tequila.
Teddy’s Tavern - 1012 NE 65th; 526-9174
nice enough neighborhood bar, but go through the "EXIT" door in the back, and there’s a big deck with wooden tables and benches, a huge rhodedendron bush, Japanese-ish garden lanterns, and a ping pong table. Joy! beer/wine.
Lucy’s Guadalajara - 1205 NE 65th; 524-0717
a couple of tables right on busy 65th. well, yeah, margaritas. beer/wine/tequila.

Luau - 2253 N. 56th; 633-5828
perfect setting for fancy, heavily garnished cocktails in tiki mugs! sidewalk seating with festive decor - plastic lobsters, fake flowers, bamboo, thatch. full bar.
Duke’s Greenlake Chowder House - 7850 Greenlake Dr. N.; 522-4908
pretty big deck overlooking Greenlake. yawn. full bar.
Many places that serve food give preferential outdoor seating to diners, especially during meal hours. Bah! They’re generally accomodating to drinkers during non-busy hours, though. Some notables: Sorella’s (Madison Park), Triangle Lounge, El Camino (Fremont), Serafina (Eastlake), Sapphire (Queen Anne), Madame K’s (Ballard).

PLUS! An interesting tidbit: many state parks, like Lake Sammamish and Green River Gorge, allow tippling in the picnic areas! (No kegs.) A jug of wine, another jug of wine, and thou!